Thursday, November 15, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Stuffed baked bananas.~

The other day Charity sent me this recipe to make for Fun Food Friday.  So, I did, we enjoyed it, and I'm sharing it with y'all.
 ~Just slice open bananas (DO NOT PEEL FIRST)
~Stuff with marshmallows and choc. chips (as much as to your liking)
~Wrap each banana in alum. foil.
~Bake on a cookie sheet for about 25-30 mins. or so at 350.  (I baked them while we ate our supper, then turned the oven off after 30 mins. and just left them in the oven.)
~Each person gets a banana for dessert.  Unwrap, and Eat.  (These sort of reminded us of baked plaintain like they do here in Colombia.) ~
And as Always...ENJOY!
 ~As you may know, we are in a rental house.  If it were more of a permanent home for us, we would have made some changes.  But, since we are awaiting our Colombian papers, and then the Lord is calling us to Argentina, we just live with some things. =)
One of those things being that I have NO upper kitchen cabinets, which means I have a LOT less storage.  Below is our microwave stand that our Dear Friend Bro. Edwards purchased for us back in 2006.  (He is in Heaven now, and we all miss him.  He LOVED microwave popcorn.  So, when he flew down to visit us our first year here, he brought us about 70 packs of popcorn, and then found out we didn't have a microwave.  So he bought us our microwave AND the stand.  What a Dear "Grandpa" he was to all of us.)
I was THRILLED to have this microwave stand, but the glass doors were a little nuisance to me, for you could see everything!  (The spices here come in bags, so it's hard to keep those organized.)
I just wasn't too thrilled that you could see the vitamins, etc. through the glass.  I mentioned this to my family a few weeks ago, and Kimberly said, "Why don't you just tape some scrapbooking paper inside?" ~
 ~Well, What a Good idea!  Why hadn't it crossed our mind to do this 6 years ago? =)  I taped paper inside, and I tried to organize it at the same time.
I'm HAPPY with the results!  =) ~
 ~On my last post I told you that my friend Marisol gave me 2 picture frames.
There were 2 hooks on the wall in my kitchen when I arrived.  I wanted to leave them there for the next person, since we'll be leaving soon, so ....I made 2 chalkboards to put in my new frames to hang on these hooks.  =)  ~
 ~As you know, my kitchen is decorated in a "Coffee" theme!  ~
 ~How fun!
 ~I'm Happy with my 2 new fun chalkboards in my kitchen! =) ~


Anonymous said...

LOVE your chalkboards!! Sooo creative! ~Carla~

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I love your chalk board ideas, so cute, too! I happen to have one chalk board in my kitchen, my grandma gave it to me!!! It's an old slate that she used for school when she was a girl, I think. I need to write something on it though, yours look so neat that way! Love, Hannah Klunder

mmsbryan said...

In the rush of revival services every night and hosting the Evangelist and wife somehow I missed this post. I loved Hannah's comment what a wonderful gift to have her Grandma that she used in school. Oh if that slate could talk?????? Cherish that gift. Loved your chalk boards too Heather. Love, Moma

lila said...

The bananas look tasty! Very cute chalk boards!! Neat cabinet idea Kimberly had!! Love and prayers

Brittany said...

What a perfect solution for your cabinet doors - looks like it was made that way! And the chalkboards are so cute!

Daryl Hausman said...

I love it! Happy Thanksgiving belated! Much love from this Haus~

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