Tuesday, November 13, 2012

~My 2nd Birthday week?!!!!~

WOW! I love this! I've received some more Birthday gifts THIS Week! YEA! I've got to figure out how to keep this Good Thing going. Hee! Hee!  =)
Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and girls stopped by with a PRECIOUS gift and card for me.  The gift was some hose and an ADORABLE hot pink sweater. (You'll see me wearing it below.)
Mil Gracias, Hermanos.  Les quiero Mucho!  (Thank you, tons, Brother and Sister.  I Love y'all.)~
~Marisol stopped by with these 2 cute picture frames.  (Stay tuned to see what I did with them.=) ~
~Pastor Jimmy's parents brought me this YUMMY cake.  Mil Gracias, Hermanos.  Les quiero Mucho!~
~I shared the cake with Marisol and our kids.  YUM!
(Phillip was gone over the weekend to preach in our church in Cartagena. He's back SAFELY now! Praise the LORD!)  ~
~At church on Sunday there were 4 birthdays to celebrate. 
L to R: Joanna, "Uncle German", Kelly, and I. (German is an Uncle to Joanna and Kelly.) 
Kimberly played Happy Birthday on the piano, so I wouldn't have to play for the church to sing to me. =) ~
~Sis. Miriam and her 2 grandsons walked in carrying these flowers.  I thought that they were for the church, but they came and gave them to me and said, "Happy Birthday!"  I squealed. =)  Another Sister at church gave me/us a cake, and a couple gave me/us some yummy bread, but I didn't get pictures of those.~
~And here I am with DEAR Sis. Farly.  This is the adorable ruffly hot pink sweater that She and Pastor Jimmy and family got me.  I love it! =) ~
~A little closer look at my flowers from Sis. Miriam.~
~Then when Phillip got back from Cartagena, he brought me this nice gift from Bro. Rigo and Sis. Ilce.  It is the Scripture verse Deut. 28:8 and has the typical Colombian mule on it.  It's a neat place to hang our keys.  Mil Gracias, Hermanos.  Les quiero Mucho! =)~
I feel so BLESSED to have such DEAR Family and Friends that Love me! 
This is Great! I hope that I can S-T-R-E-T-C-H this Birthday thing out to be a BIRTHDAY MONTH! Hee! Hee! =D


Daryl Hausman said...

Does this make you another year older since your birthday lasted so long?! If so you'll catch up with me and be "Old" soon!=) Love ya much more than this comment declares! Laura

lila said...

I made a comment on this and it disappeared. So glad you had a great 2nd birthday wk. So sweet of everyone to remember in such a special way!! Happy 2nd Birthday wk. Love you tons

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