Monday, November 5, 2012

~It's my Birthday week!~

Please join me in PRAYING for those suffering from Hurricane Sandy...and for our elections and Country! Thank you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~It's my birthday week...and I'm feeling very Blessed.  Jesus has blessed me with more blessings than I can count.  I'm very thankful for the 29 39 years He has given me.  =D
He let me be born into a wonderful family, with a PRECIOUS Daddy and Moma, and 4 DEAR siblings, (and later came Great in-laws, and Wonderful nieces and nephews.=)   ....
~Jesus changed my life, and made me HIS daughter.  He's my Heavenly Father...and I talk to Him about EVERYTHING!!!
Then Jesus sent me the absolutely most WONDERFUL husband in the world.  (Shhhh! Don't tell my Phillip this....but he Spoils me rotten! =D)
(But I do try to take good care of him too! =)
Then Jesus blessed our home with 5 PRECIOUS children.  Our kids are very SPECIAL to us.
I L.O.V.E. being a Wife and Mommy!!! ~

 ~I have friends in Canada, Peru, Honduras, China, Costa Rica, Ireland, England, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, (and in a few other countries), and a ton of y'all there in the USA...see...I told you I'm very blessed.  =)  ~

 ~So, I'm counting my blessings...and enjoying being Loved during....MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!~


Keith and Crystal said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!

May you have an especially blessed week!!

CrazieChrisa said...

Happy Birthday!! Posted new pictures for you:)

<3 you!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Week, Sweet Heather! You are such a blessing and I am so glad God chose to bless our world with you!
Lots of Love,
Aunt Nesi

Shel Bel said...

Happy Birthday week!!!!....and I love all your pictures!...and you are an amazing woman!!...your husband and children are very blessed to have you!!!

mmsbryan said...

Happy Birthday from Daddy and I! We are glad that God gave you to our family ~ you have been most entertaining to us all! To those on the inside of things, that line says a lot. Your pictures are very nice. So you are 39, somehow you have caught up with GG. :-) It is nice to have had Andrew and Drew in and out these days because of the wedding. Daddy just left with them going to Bedford for wood trim and doors that he is taking back to AK. They will have dinner with the Sankey Clan, perhaps honoring your birthday. So may your day be special, wishing that we could be with you. I love you, Moma

Brittany said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! Your pics are so nice =) I love your pretty fall outfit, especially those boots - so cute!

The Dickinsons said...

Dear Sweetheart,

Happy Birthday Month! ;-)
We are so grateful for you!
God has blessed our children and I with you.

Much love,

Linda S said...

Happy Birthday, Heather. Trust it is a very special one.

Linda S said...

Happy Birthday, Heather. Trust it is a very special one.

lila said...

Happy Birthday to my Hero!!!! I am so blessed that Jesus let our paths cross!! I'm so glad our Father knows just what and who we need!! I am so thankful God has sent you into so many peoples lives so they can see His example!!!! Happiest Birthday!!! Love you tons P.S. love all the pics

Charity said...


Could you pass along your snail mail address, please? Kathryn would like to send a letter and little package to Sarah. Thanks!

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