Sunday, June 3, 2012

~Miracle Monday (a tad early =) ~

I thank the Lord for His protection!  This morning as I was walking back to my seat from playing the piano for our Sunday service, somehow my foot caught the microphone cord and I nearly fell on my face.  It was rather embarrassing!!!  I later joked to Pastor Jimmy that I done that just to get attention.  LOL!  =)   
Thank the Lord I caught my balance.  If I would have fallen, I would have probably hit my face on the altar!  God is Good, All the Time!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~Our family in Cartagena, June, 2009~

May 2006, found our family (then only 5 of us) flying back to the USA from our year of studying Spanish in Costa Rica.   When we landed in the Miami airport we had to collect all 11 pieces of our luggage which we had shipped (and 2 pieces of our luggage were delayed for a good long while), check it again, go through the LONG line of customs, then RUN to catch our next flight!   
Back then the Miami airport had no moving-escalator-walkways or trains to help one reach his gate faster.  We had to WALK the entire way!  So we threw little 2 year old Noah on Phillip’s carry-on suitcase (to ride like a horsey)  and then we RAN as fast as we could to get to our gate.  Miami airport is HUGE and I remember seeing a sign like this, “You have 30 more mins. of walking time before you reach your gate!”   Then later we saw another sign that told us we had 16 more mins. of walking time.  (Talk about encouraging! =)
We FINALLY arrived at our gate…12 mins. before our departure time.   Only to find out that although our airplane hadn’t left yet, the SHUTTLE to the airplane had left, and they wouldn’t let us get on our flight.   =( Talk about disappointing!   
So, Phillip went to a payphone to call Bro. Becker and tell him that we couldn’t come home to Ohio until the next day.  (The airport put us in an hotel for the night, put us on an early flight to New York, and then we landed in Columbus, OH the next day.)    
As Phillip was calling Bro. Becker he felt something SLIDE down the inside of his pant leg!  That’s when he realized that GOD HAD BEEN WITH US!   Often when Phillip travels, he uses a wallet that is more safe. This wallet has a loop to SLIDE his belt through and then it hangs from his belt inside his waistband.  This is so thieves can't see nor steal his wallet when he's busy in the airport.   When he had gone through security as is custom he had to take off his belt, take his change and keys out of his pocket, etc. and put them in a bowl.   
We were in SUCH A HURRY, that he just threw his belt into his suitcase (TOTALLY FORGETTING ABOUT HIS WALLET) and ran through the airport without even re-tying his shoes.   GOD KEPT PHILLIP'S WALLET FROM FALLING TO THE GROUND...(FOR NORMALLY IT IS ONLY HELD IN PLACE WITH HIS BELT)…the whole entire time we were running through the airport!       
HIS WALLET WAS ATTACHED TO NOTHING   for our nearly 45 mins. of running to try to catch our flight!  
Since we were ahead of him, we would have never seen his wallet FALL with his cash, driver’s license and credit cards!   
How we PRAISED GOD together as a family for “holding up Phillip’s wallet” the whole time!    =)
God is awesome!


~Carla~ said...

Awesome :)

mmsbryan said...

How many times God is there even before we call. How we thank Him for His kind care of you and each of our own. Love, Moma

dannyandlizFlowers said...

Loved reading this! We are at this very minute at the Fort Lauderdale airport, which is NOT as BIG as Miami, waiting for our flight to Haiti! Our trip has been and will be bathed in prayer and it is so encouraging to read your post and know that if we need any miracles that God will supply! We plan to be in Haiti for a month and are looking forward to what God will do in the next month!

lila said...

Thanking the Lord for all His protection!!!! What a Mighty God we serve!!! Love you all tons

Anonymous said...

I love you, Heather! Jeff picked a bunch of blackberries recently and mentioned this morning at breakfast that it would be fun to send you and your family some via dry ice. Don't know if it would work but know that you are thought of and loved! Blessings on all of you, Susan Hunt

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather, This story is so encouraging to me. I had forgotten all about it.
There are some things that happen in our life that lets us know God is watching over us. And no matter how you try to reason that this could have happened without God ordering it, there is no way that it could have. So we gratefully accept it as a modern day miracle that was tailor-made for the Phillip & Heather Dickinson family. How kind of our Heavenly Father to do this for you!
Love, Mom D

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