Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~Celebrating our 17th anniversary and Miracle Monday (late =)~

Phillip and I had a wonderful 17th anniversary!  Thank you for all of y'all's nice wishes and comments! =)

As you have probably noticed, we do everything together as a family.  =)  That's because we LOVE being a FAMILY!
Phillip wanted to do something more for anniversary, and God has worked it out so we can do something more, a little later.  (Details at the bottom of this post! =)
We had fun taking pictures of Phillip and I and of our family, and then we had a fun afternoon together relaxing in this beautiful park called National Park!  Here's some pics for you to enjoy!
~Our family~
~Our kids~
~I was just ready to push the button on the camera to take a picture of Elijah and Mary in this car that rocks, when Elijah sneezed.  It was such a funny picture, I had to post it.  Look at Mary's expression. =) ~
~Here's a better picture of our 2 youngest who bring SO MUCH JOY into our lives (as do their other 3 siblings! =) ~
~Our kids playing in the park, with 2 policemen on horses behind them.~
~National Park is a pretty park that we like to visit.~

~Then we went and ate supper together.  Right before we went to Argentina back in Oct. we saw that Papa John's Pizza had come to Colombia.  So, for our supper we ate at Papa Johns!  =)  Here the kids are watching them make our pizzas.~

~It was DELICIOUS!  You have to know that pizza here in Colombia is good, but it is nothing like the pizza that we are used to eating in the USA.  The total taste is different, and they don't use pepperoni on their pizza here either.
So, this is the first time we have had pepperoni on our pizza since Fall 2010 while working on our USA house!
We ENJOYED. EVERY. BITE. of our 2 pizzas and bread sticks and brought the extra seasonings and garlic butter home with us.  =D ~
~Mmmmm Good! (Mary was asleep in the stroller, but we saved her her share of yummy pizza! =) ~
~Still madly in love after 17 years! =) ~
~My sweetheart got me some Beautiful red roses and some Yummy chocolates too!~
We had a wonderful anniversary, and the neat thing is that it's NOT over yet!  =)
Here's a MIRACLE MONDAY...a day late!
Our family really wanted to go and visit our other 2 churches here in Colombia in Medellin and Cartagena,  but they are 12 and 24 hours away by bus.  (And we have been informed that it is not wise for us to take cross country buses right now for security reasons.)
We didn't really want to spend a lot of money on airplane tickets, so we prayed and asked Jesus that if it was HIS WILL for us to go...to PLEASE give us a good deal on airline tickets!
Well, I'm here to tell you that the day of MIRACLES is NOT over yet.  God gave us AWESOME deals on tickets!  Jesus gave us 18 airline tickets to fly to 3 different cities, (Bogota to Medellin, Medellin to Cartagena, and then Cartagena back to Bogota) for all 7 of us for a grand total of $700!!!!!  Isn't that AMAZING?
In all Phillip's years traveling back and forth to visit our churches he has NEVER seen airplane tickets this low! 
This trip will be to visit our 2 churches and encourage our people in the ways of the Lord, and to celebrate Kimberly finishing 8th grade, and our 17th anniversary! =)    We leave next week, Lord willing.  We are so excited!
Isn't God so InCrEdIbLe?  Totally Awesome!  =) =) =) =) =) =)


Janie said...

Happy Anniversary Phillip and Heather! Loved your anniversary pictures. How exciting to get such a great deal on your tickets. God is good! I'm sure it will be a wonderful trip!

Shel Bel said...

WOW!!!!....im excited for you about the tickets. Having 7 children myself I can imagine the expense of flying. And Happy Anniversary!!!! I LOVED the picture of Elijah and Mary when he sneezed. So very cute!!!!

mmsbryan said...

Thanks for keeping us posted and reminding us again, that God really cares. What a wonderful price for tickets. So glad that you can go encourage the people of the other churches. MAY GOD BLESS EVERY EFFORT! In case you wonder what little Mary was thinking when Elijah sneezed, "that boy did it again!" So very cute of both. I loved the picture of the children walking hand in hand. I n-e-e-d to see them again. Maybe I can come "interupt" the next class! ;-0 Excited for all that God is doing through you all. Love, Moma

Stephanie Burley said...

Happy Anniversary to you! You're every bit as beautiful today as you were on your wedding day! The photos of you and Phillip are simply beautiful. Love the scenery in that park.
God is good, and He continues to amaze me with the miracles He brings our way. So glad that the details of your trip are in His hands. :-)

Rob and Deanna said...

Awesome on the tickets!!!! We have been praying for $ your support. Will enjoy telling the kids of God's Answer to Prayer! Happy Belated Anniversary! Dusti's birthday was this weekend, plus.......... so didn't get a chance to check in. Papa John's looks so YUMMY and I can totally relate to wanting "real" pizza. Love the pic of the kids lined up, so cute!

Brittany said...

Wow!!! So happy for you and your miracle - so exciting! LOVE the park pics - Mary's little vest is just precious =)

lila said...

WOW!!! What a neat miracle!!! I'm so happy for the folks you are going to encourage! LOVE all the pics, that Mary is tooooo cute!!! What a precious and wonderful family Jesus has helped you to be!! Can't wait till you are back in the states! love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

That pic of Elijah and Mary where Elijah is about to sneeze is so hilarious! Please tell Sarah that I love her adorable PINK SHOES! That is soooo wonderful about the cheap airplane tickets! Also I'm happy for ya'll that you got to eat Papa Johns pizza, that's my favorite!:)
Love ya,

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved catching up with your posts! Happy Anniversary! I remembered your special day but was away from our home computer,so couldn't get you told! Loved your sweetheart pics & those kids all lined up so sweet and Mary's LONG skirt cracked me up too! Simply Darling they all are and growing soooo fast! Much love, Laura and Family

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