Wednesday, June 6, 2012

~Happy !7th Anniversary to US!~

~Our family had a nice time going to a pretty park to get some fun anniversary pics of Phillip and I.  Kimberly took our pictures while the other kids played.~

~This pic was one of the "funnest!" ;-) ~
~Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!~
Seventeen WONDERFUL years married to you…
It doesn’t seem that long since we said, “I DO!”
You have made my every dream come true!
(I must add that you and God threw in SOME ADVENTURE too!  =)

Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think we’d live where we do;
Outside the USA, in Colombia, and Argentina too.
We’ve tried to use our lives to touch those we’ve met
For Jesus! And our works not done, He’s not finished with us yet.

Oh the AWESOME memories we’ve made on our way to forever together!
All because I decided to marry you, and you to marry Heather! =)
Then Jesus gave us our 5 wonderful children to raise for Him!
We have so much fun talking to, praying with, laughing and being with them!

It’s our special day, so I decided to write you a rhyme.
Your sense of humor makes us laugh all. the. time.
You are the world’s BEST husband, Daddy, and friend!
I LOVE every minute being with you…may it never end!

Jesus gave us our our fixer-upper home back in the USA;
And Jesus and your skills are making it look GREAT, I must say!  
You are one talented man, and I love you more each day…
But most importantly you LOVE GOD in such a SPECIAL way!

So, Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart, you are the BEST!
We’ve been through thick and thin together, and passed the test!
I’m so GLAD we chose to have Jesus as the foundation of our Home…
You and Him have led us well, so I’m writing our 17th anniversary Poem!  =)
~Heather, June 6th, 2012~
~17 years on our way to Forever Together!~
~What a wonderful time God is giving us...walking through life together!~


RicKaren said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Enjoyed your cute anniversary pics! Thanks for all the encouraging comments you have left me recently, too!

Dorcas said...

Even though I've never met you in person I feel as though I know you from reading your blog for quite a long time! Happy 17th Anniversary to you and your husband!

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet poem, as always! Sweet couple too! Thanks for putting Jesus 1st in all you do! Love and miss ya'll MUCH! ... it's hard to believe it was 17 years ago today here in this City... now we live here! Time sure has a way of making us smile! Ya'll are one handsome couple! Lots of family love to ya'll from this Haus!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Love the pictures!

mmsbryan said...

Beautiful couple, park and pictures. Thanks for sharing. My mind has gone to Cincy a few times today remembering that lovely bride, our baby girl. And, of course, our handsome "new" son. Love, Moma

Steve~N~Angela said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!!
Lovely pictures... thanks for sharing.

God Bless

Daryl Hausman said...

Beautiful pictures, Aunt Heather! Loved reading your poem! So Sweet!
Love ya,

Making Memories 1999 said...

Such pretty anniversary pictures! Happy 17th!!

~Carla~ said...

What a beautiful park for taking pictures, and what a nice photographer Kimberly is turning out to be. She must take after her momma :) Happy Annversary to you both. So thankful for couples who stick it out and show us it can be done!! Hugs, Carla

lila said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a super special couple!!!!! You two mean so much to us and have been such a huge influence in our lives!!! We are so grateful JESUS let our paths cross!!!! Dearly love the pics, Kimberly did an awesome job!!!! Sweet and great poem also!! Love you all tons

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love your pics - Kimberly did a great job =) You always look so cute. Love your shoes! And that looks like a beautiful park =)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, your 17th Anniversary poem is sweet and really cute. And I like that you mention with gladness that you never dreamed you'd live where you do. I also never dreamed that your married path with Phillip would take you to where you are. It's such a blessing to my heart that you have loved your husband and gone willingly where he has led.
To where is time flying? It's been nearly 20 years, several countries, and five children later, since that elegant wedding of yours on the Hilltop in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Phillip. It was one of my two favorite weddings. Well, one of my three favorite weddings. Smile.
My January wedding in cold snowy Greenville, MI, with Dad, those years long ago, was a fairy tale come true for this Project girl. The fairy tale being MY HUSBAND! (Sparkle, glitter, flash, radiate, illumination, and all other such words were in my heart with Dad as my husband.)
Then when Michael married beautiful and sweet Beth, another special occasion occurred. And we never dreamed how special the occasions of their children's births would prove to be to us. (Oh the happiness that our grandchildren bring to our hearts.)
Anyway, Happy 17th Anniversary to our dear loved ones in Colombia, South America! Love, Mom D

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