Friday, June 22, 2012

~Our family going to Medellin~

Thank you for your prayers for a safe trip for our family as we flew to Medellin, Colombia.  Jesus heard your prayers, and we arrived safely.  Here are some pics of us eating breakfast, on the airplane, and arriving in Medellin.
~I love little Mary's face in this picture of her and Noah waiting for their breakfast right before we got on our airplane.~
 ~Sarah and Mommy waiting for our omelets, rolls, and fresh orange juice.~
~Kimberly and Elijah.~
~In the rush of getting to the airport we forgot to ask for seats together.  But, Jesus sent us along 2 people that volunteered to change seat with us in the Phillip and I could sit together with Elijah and Mary.  =)
~And Sarah, Kimberly and Noah sat across the aisle from us.~
~Even though the flight from Bogota to Medellin was only a half an hour...they still served juice boxes, coffee, or water.   Here's Elijah enjoying his juice box. =) ~
~And Mary enjoying hers.~
~Then once we arrived at the airport we took an hour bus ride  with pretty scenery...down into the beautiful city of Medellin.~
~This was one of the businesses that we passed.  Not a typical "Exxon gas station" look.  =) ~
~Heading down into the beautiful city of Medellin.~
~Then our bus dropped us off and Bro. Alberto met us.  He and our family took a half hour taxi ride (in 2 taxis) up to their house in the neighborhood of Paris.  Sis. Alba served us a yummy lunch.~

~Here's Natay and Kimberly doing lunch dishes.~
~We enjoyed visiting with Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba and their family for the rest of the evening.~


Daryl Hausman said...

I had to do a "double take" at a pic of your Sarah recently at how MUCH she looks like YOU, Heather. Fun how that happens, huh?! Glad Jesus gave ya'll safety across the airmiles and praying He goes with you this whole trip and fills each moment with His Sweet Holy presence. Much Love and thanks for your B-Day wishes and Anniversary wishes for us. Yes 22 Years of wonderful Married life with my man! God is good, ALL THE TIME! Love ya, Laura

Bryanna Shirk said...

Love the pic of Mary too!! Glad you had a safe trip! Bryanna

lila said...

It sure is beautiful there. So glad you had a safe and fun trip! Love all the pics, what a precious family!!! love you tons

mmsbryan said...

So glad that you made the travels safely. I have prayed that God would meet every need and bless your efforts. Loved the picture of Mary drinking her juice, it was evident that she was NOT going to let go of that straw to smile for any photo. Hope to hear that you are home safe, soon. Love, Moma

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