Friday, June 8, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Yummy Banana Punch~

~This is the recipe that my Mother-in-LOVE made for my bridal shower...quite a few years ago now!
It became a HIT with my Mother and I.  I'm posting the pic from GG's 90th birthday party!~
~Banana Punch~
Boil in the morning and COOL to room temp!
4 cups sugar (you could try a little less sugar, maybe 3 cups?... but I haven't tried it.)
4 cups water
*  * * * * * * * *
Then mash 5 bananas with 2 teas. Fruit Fresh. (I do this in my Vitamix (blender.)
1 can (12 oz.) orange juice concentrate
1 can (12 oz.) lemonade juice concentrate
1 Lg. can of pineapple juice
Mix together everything and then freeze in a large container.
Set out around 2 hours before serving!
Add a 2 liter of Sprite or 7-up.
(I actually used nearly 2 2-liters of Sprite.)
If you serve this using small cups, you could possibly serve 24 people.  I served this to 30 people, but I  served my sweet tea too.
And as Always...ENJOY!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~On Tuesday evening of this week we invited our whole church over for a house service.  There were some who couldn't come, but we had a good attendance with 30 of us present.  After the good service I served refreshments.  Here's our table before I got the drinks into their serving containers.  ~
~When you are on the mission field it helps to be creative.  For my "tea pitchers" I used 2 flower vases, and for my "punchbowl" (since I've NEVER seen them for sell here) I bought a new FISH bowl!  It works great! =) ~
~Kimberly made her yummy Choc. Crinkle cookies for our dessert.~
~Everyone during service.~
~Jesus helped Bro. Jimmy as he preached!  He challenged us that Jesus is coming back soon, and is coming back for a Bride (church) who IS PREPARED...Not who is PREPARING!
May Jesus help each of us to be PREPARED! ~
~Most of the kids sat on the stairs. ~
~Then after service I served them Skyline Chili (Pastor Jimmy's FAVORITE!).  I made 5 packs of Skyline, and this HUGE pan was nearly full! (I forgot to take a pic of it before we starting serving, but you can see the line where it originally came up to.) ~
~Everyone LOVED it and came back for seconds and some came back for thirds.  There wasn't much Skyline chili left by the time they got done.  Like I mentioned above I served Banana punch and my sweet tea to drink.~
~Elijah and his good buddy David enjoying their Skyline.~
~Sis. Farly and Sis. Cindy were my faithful helpers serving the Skyline!~
~Jesus gave us a nice service and a wonderful evening with everyone.
( I was so happy that Jesus helped me to find this fun skirt at Goodwill while I was in TN.)~


GLOANN said...

You've mentioned your Skyline chili before. Although it's much too hot to eat that now here in La. I'd love to have the recipe for wintertime. I so look forward to reading your posts and admire what you and your family are doing for the Lord.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I would love a glass of that Banana Punch right now! It would taste so good! Heather, that beautiful punch bowl with the Banana Punch in it, in the picture from GG's 90th b-day party has an identical twin in Arizona. On May 23, 2012, I went to the BIG Goodwill in Surprise, AZ, and they had one for sale for $9.99. It had all the little cups and a serving ladle with it. I knew it was special but thought since I wouldn't be using it, no sense in buying it. Now, I could kick myself for not buying it for somebody back East. Your House Service proved that such things can be done in a small area of space. Dear Jimmy and Farley are going to fall to the ground with grief when you all move in August. My heart goes out to them. Love, Mom D

Brittany said...

That banana punch sounds so good! Especially as hot as it down here in the South ;) I'll have to try that sometime. Great thinking to use the fish bowl - whatever works, right?! Cute skirt, too!

lila said...

What a neat group of people!!!! Love all your creativity!!! The table and all looks so lovely and the fish bowl, what a clever idea!!! So happy for all you are doing for Jesus. love you tons

Abigail Kuhn said...

The tiered server that has Kimberly's cookies on it is very cute! I looked kind of close at it and would love to know how it's made! I love serving pieces like that and it's all the better when I can create something of things I already have on hand!

mmsbryan said...

What a feat, having that service in your small space and serving all those people. All looked so nice and "smelled" delicious. I love the scrapbook page you have your blog posted on, it is so bright and cheery. Wishing that it was us coming in July . . . again. Love, Moma

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you each one for your nice comments. It was fun hearing from you! =)

Dear Gloann,
I'll try to do a Fun Food Friday post on Skyline Chili soon. =)

Dear Abigail,
Nice hearing from you!
The 3 tiered dish is something we made using my cheap dishes from China. We just turned a bowl up-side-down for the base, then we glued on my largest plate (using hot glue or super glue), then a large tea cup, then my med. plate, and a small tea cup, then a saucer at the top. The glue isn't the strongest, so I just hand wipe/wash it each time rather than turning it on it's side and washing it in the sink, for it would probably fall apart. =) We used super glue for I didn't have a glue gun at that time...but, we think that hot glue may hold better! I hope this helps and have fun if you make one.

GLOANN said...

Thanks, I'll be watching for the Skyline Chili recipe.

Daryl Hausman said...

I was so happy to discover that I could use my already frozen over-ripe bananas for this punch too and they worked like a charm too as well as saving me some pennies! Yes! Love ya and I too am praying that this "Haus-hold" chooses to make Heaven their home. Can't get side-tracked, we've got to keep our eyes on Jesus alone! Love ya keep encouraged! Love your sis, Laura

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