Tuesday, June 19, 2012

~Phillip had a nice Father's day!~

~We had a good Lord's day/Father's day.   Here is Mary before we went out the door to church. (It's a good thing that I got this picture BEFORE church, because after church while we were all visiting outside...she got into some grease on the sliding metal door at the business beside our church.  ={
Her little white dress was COVERED in grease!
But, thanks to Sis. Farly, I learned a very valuable laundry tip that I want to share with you! If you need to degrease something sprinkle some salt on your piece of clothing (especially if it is silky like Mary's dress) and then use lighter fluid to rub out the Yucky grease stain. Her dress is now white again! Yea! =)~
~These young ladies sitting down came down to church from Paraiso.  They are/were students of the school there.  The 14 year old girl on your right is the MOTHER of the little 9 month old baby you see on your left.  =(
 Please pray that God will help these young people.   Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly have invested HOURS, days, months, YEARS trying to touch these lives for Jesus!~
~Kimberly and Nataly teaching Sunday school.  They ended up teaching nearly 35 children.   When I asked them after church how things went, they both gave a sort of wobbly smile. =)~
~The Lord helped Phillip as he preached the Father's day sermon.~
~Here are the Fathers up front for Pastor Jimmy and Phillip to pray for them and to receive their gifts.  There were several Fathers missing.~
~Here's the World's Best DADDY (He shares that Special place with my Daddy and my Father-in-law  =) with our children.  Mary (who had already lost her GREASY white dress... so was in her onesie and bloomers) fell asleep on the way home. ~
~My sweetheart and I!~
~Our sweet Elijah and Daddy.~
~We invited 4 families over for dinner.~
~(Right before I put my centerpiece on my table, one of my candles dropped and broke. =(
Hershey kisses are a TREAT here, so I splurged and got some for the table.~
~We served this yummy salad, and my french bread, along with the main course.  And since I had had company Saturday evening as well...sweet Phillip bought ice cream cake for our Sunday dessert!~
~Here's 4 of the Fathers that came to our house.  L to R: Edgar, Phillip, John, and Jimmy's Dad.
(Pastor Jimmy and family had another invitation, so came later.)~
~Sitting down to eat.~
~All of us visiting after Dear Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and their family came. ~
~I took this picture of the 3 precious baby girls from our church that are close in age.  (Our sweet little Mary gets this very scared look on her face when she is embarrassed.)~
~Elijah with his Bosom Buddy David.  These 2 ToGeThEr would make Dennis the Menace look like an angel.  Ha!  They are ALL boy and when they get together life is never boring.  =) ~
~ We had a very special afternoon with our 12 guests.  I wanted to give each Father that came to our house a candy bar for Father's day.   But, I wanted to give them a candy bar from the USA, not one they can buy every day.  So, I splurged and paid nearly $8 for 6 Snicker bars.   They were happy with their tiny gift.
Since we are leaving this week for our trip to visit our 2 other churches, we didn't buy Phillip a Father's day gift.  We'll probably get him something on our trip.  =)
The 4 Dads after Jimmy got there. (John had already had to leave.)
L to R: Edgar, Jimmy's father, Jimmy, and Phillip.~
~As you know, Kimberly and Sarah are my Right-hand and Left hand ladies!  (Sarah is left-handed. =)   They really help lift my load.  So, between them helping me (with all the laundry that we have to wash, hang, fold, etc. and helping me with the babies), and with our moving to Argentina, and then back to Colombia DURING this past school year....they were running about 2 weeks behind schedule in their school work.  "Principal Daddy" challenged them to get their schoolwork done before we went on our special trip this week.  =)
So.....These last few days have been BUSY in our SCHOOL-House!  Mommy, Kimberly, and Sarah have let other things go in life to help Kimberly finish 8th grade and Sarah finish 5th grade.  Several mornings the girls and I got up EARLY and went downstairs.  After having our devotions, we would light a candle, have something hot to drink and wrap up with blankets, (it's always CHILLY here in the mornings and evenings in our concrete house) and eat a quick snack, turn on some pretty piano music, and STUDY away! ~
~One afternoon after we had arisen at 5:15 or so that morning, I was downstairs WISHING for a nap.  Later I came up to my room...and I found my sweet Sarah who had been trying to work on her Math....Sound Asleep!  I let her rest for a little while before she started working on her Math again.  =)
God helped our girls, and Kimberly FINISHED 8th grade yesterday (Monday) at nearly 5:00 P.M., and Sarah finished 5th grade just 2 hours later!  YEA! ~
Now we are getting ready for our trip to go and visit our 2 other churches here in Colombia. Since it is easier and cheaper for Phillip to travel alone, our family hasn't been able to visit our other 2 churches since Elijah was 1...and that was 3 years ago.
So, we are excited about seeing our people and visiting the beautiful cities of Medellin and Cartagena, Colombia.
We hate to impose on our pastors and families, but they would not hear to any other plan than that we stay with them.   They are already have 5 in each family.  Now...here we come with our family of 7 which will make 12 people in their small houses with only ONE bathroom.  Of course we will pay for the groceries while we are with them.
~Traveling mercies,
~A safe time,
~That God will help things go smoothly and BLESS our hosts,
~And that God will make our trip a blessing for Him!  Thank you!


Daryl Hausman said...

Congratulations Kimberly... now starting High School!!! Where has time gone?! I still remember that sweet little angel faced dolly that giggled at my story telling at 3 wks old and you've NOT stopped giggling since!!!=)Have fun on your 8th Grade trip!!!
Way to go Sarah!!! You are a true "sleeping beauty" in that pic your Momma caught of you!=) Glad you are done and get a fun trip besides to celebrate!!!
Thanks for the laundry trip, I knew about Lighter Fluid, but had never heard of the salt 1st.Now I just "NEED" one of those sweet white little Princesses to MESS up a dress for me to try it out!!! NOT! I'll gladly watch YOU scrub out the grease! Love you all, Heather and praying for your safe trip! Your Sis, Laura
P.S. Thanks for the B-day message!

knightfirstlady said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Kimberly and Sarah for finishing that school work!!! We know what it's like to cram also since we homeschool as well, and there are so many other "interruptions" when you do that! Blessings on your trip--will be praying! Sharon Knight

Daryl Hausman said...

I am so glad that Kimberly and Sarah finished their schooling in time! I was praying for them cause I know how taxing it can be!:) The picture of Elijah and his friend made me smile. They are just too cute! Your table setting for you Father's Day meal looked so cute. Love you all so much and am praying for you as you travel!

Kira said...

Congrats girls !!! You worked hard and now you have a fun exciting trip to look forward too )- super !

Sweet little Mary is sure getting tall hehe x ...what a little beauty .Your Fathers day meal and occasion looked fun .

Have a wonderful safe trip , il be praying for you all .

Dorcas said...

Congrats to the girls for finishing their school work before your trip! And your father's day dinner/decorations looked so nice!! Never heard of the lighter fluid and salt idea. Pretty neat!! Trust you all have a safe and wonderful trip!

Abigail Kuhn said...

Congratulations to Kimberly and Sarah for finishing their grades! I hope you all have a wonderful time on your trip and I'm sure we'll see pictures when y'all get back!
Heather, wanted to tell you that your Father's Day tablescape was beautiful! I love that color. My husband used to have a shirt just about that color and when he gave it away (it didn't fit him anymore) I was very sad, for I liked how it brought out the blue in his eyes! :( But he has a green one now that looks very nice on him as well.
And thanks for that laundry tip! I have found something here called Zout that works well on stains and grease and all too.

lila said...

Glad the girls was able to get their school work finished, what an accomplishment! Kimberly is such a beautiful young lady! Love Mary's dress, so happy you was able to get the grease out. Your table an all was beautiful!!! So glad you are touching lives for Jesus!!! Love you all tons

Bryanna Shirk said...

Heather, We certainly will be praying!! I enjoyed all the pics!!

Kimberly, WOW 35 kids in Sunday School!! And I thought I had a lot in Junior Church when I had 11!! LOL!!
Love you all!! Bryanna

mmsbryan said...

What a "slave-driver" of a principal this Daddy and Moma must be! ;-) My heart went out to my "Whittle Whittle" (Sarah) when I saw her sleeping with her Math pace. B-u-t so glad that she was able to make the dead line and finish in before your trip. Thanking the Lord for the safe trip and praying for a good and profitable time. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I enjoy all the pics!!!! Your tables are always SOoooooo pretty!!! We had a good weekend with camping at my aunt's for a family reunion! Now it's time to clean for camp! Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

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