Monday, February 27, 2012

~Our Chinese Youth Gathering~

THANK YOU for your sweet comments and PRAYERS about my Grandma going to Heaven. I didn't want to be selfish in that post...for I'm HAPPY that Grandma is in Heaven...but I cannot tell you HOW MY HEART ACHES TO BE HOME (in the USA) with my parents and family!! ( 2 weeks ago a man from our church had planned with us to come by and take us out for ice cream THIS MORNING!!!  I NEVER DREAMED that right before he would arrive I would receive the news of my Grandma's passing. (She passed away last night, but since we are 2 hours difference we had already gone to bed and shut off our computer by the time they called to tell us the news!)  So, we went this morning with our friend...and I sat in the back of his car and wore my sunglasses to try to hide my tears.  I REALLY appreciate your prayers that Jesus will heal my heart during this time.  I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!
[Phillip looked on line for a ticket but it won't work out.  THANKFULLY my parents are coming (Lord willing) to see us in Colombia near the end of March...which is REALLY helping my heart.]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
THANK YOU also for your prayers for our time with the Chinese young people at our house yesterday... Sunday afternoon.  I used the colors purple, green, and white on our table, and used this fun little tricycle as my centerpiece.  (I was so HAPPY to get it at a 70% off sale!)
~I took these pictures of my table before we left for church in the morning.  To go along with my color theme we used purple plates, white napkins, purple and green grapes, and green melon. =)~
~Kimberly and I made 2 batches of Oatmeal raisin cookies (Because half of the raw dough got knocked off and FELL ON THE FLOOR, so we threw it away and had to start over again...WEEP!) and one batch of choc. chip. cookies.~
~Since we had all just eaten lunch...I just served a snack of melon, grapes (Which are in season and CHEAP right now), 2 kinds of cookies, chips (which went in the empty white basket), Pepsi, 7-up, and water and....~
~and I made Choc. peanut butter swirl candy.~
~When I got to church and went into the fellowship hall, I saw U. Charlie cooking.  (The church serves lunch after church each Sunday.)  I said to him, "U. Charlie's cooking...we ought to take a picture."  He said, "Go ahead!"  So, I went and got my camera.  Then while I was getting ready to take it, a lady came in and stood in between him and I, and was talking to him.  He said to her, "Could you step aside, she's trying to get a picture of me." =)  He CRACKED ME UP (And reminded me of a Grown-up ELIJAH. =)
~After church I snapped this pic of the kids playing upstairs on the playground.~
~Sarah and her dear friend Valentina.~
~Then 13 people from church walked home with us.   It was young people more in their twenties.  (There would have been more, but some had choir practice at the same time.)~

~Kimberly and I played and we sang a couple songs together and Phillip gave them a challenge to live for God and serve Him with their whole heart and give their lives to do God's will!  He told them that we have to go back to Colombia for now, but plan to come back and want to see them serving God.  Please pray for these young people as they cross your mind.~
~Then we had a nice time visiting and snacking.  They really seemed to enjoy our food and we sent some home with all of them.~
~This is a dentist that attends our church.  He picked little Mary up and naturally he wanted to look at her little teeth. =)~
~The ladies asked us how we did our hair.  So, here Kimberly is doing Caro's hair in a curly bun.~
~Everyone stopped what they were doing...even the guys...and really enjoyed watching (and videoing) the activity. =)~

~Us ladies~
~The men (NOTICE that one to the RIGHT...He's my SWEETHEART!  Without him I'd really be DYING right now.  He's taken good care of me!=)~
Your prayers mean a lot!! Thank you for praying as we try to get things all packed up this week. AND FOR MY HURTING HEART.~


RicKaren said...

Keeping you in my prayers! I think I understand how badly you want to be home right now. Age makes no difference, it is always to soon to lose someone you love.

~Carla~ said...

Oh dear Heather, I lost my own grandma last fall. I was so thankful to know she was with Jesus, and so thankful she wasn't suffering here on earth. I NEEDED to be with my family talk, to laugh, to cry, and to heal. I cannot imagine how your heart is grieving. Just know we are praying for you. Much love, Carla

Oh yes, LOVED the pics of the chinese youth...they are beautiful! So thankful for how you are touching other's lives with the love of Jesus. Hugs....

Linda S said...

Heather, I know it is so hard to not be home and share in the sorrow with your family. May the God of all comfort be with you closely. Grandma Bryan is a legend....a lady of sweet personality; a lady of multi-talents; a lady of consistent giving; and a lady of righteousness. Just a comment on the time some of the ladies of our church wanted to know how we did our hair so we had a "hair" party. When Susan pulled out the bobi pins, a light bulb came on with the exclamation,
"Oh, that is how it stays up. I have been trying to get my hair to stay up but could never get it to work." We had a good laugh at their expense. And, of course, they thought it was funny too.

Mary Wilson said...

Heather, our prayers and thoughts are with you on the loss of your grandma. We loved your grandma dearly and we loved to hear her testify when she was able to attend church when your Mom & Dad were in Kingston. She truly was a saint! You sure have a rich heritage. The Lord bless you during this difficult time.

Liz said...

My heart is hurting with yours... love you,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Things that I loved about your Grandma Bryan was her pretty handwriting, her letters, the Christmas picture she would send of herself at Christmas time, the way she did all she could to help lift on your mother's work load, her commitment to the Lord's cause, and her love for her grandchildren.
Now, she was a REAL grandma!
I am so sorry, Heather, for your grief over the loss of your dear Grandmother that you loved so much. I wish things were so that you could be with your immediate family during this time.
I pray that Jesus will give you contentment even if you can't be where you'd like to be, right now.
Do know you have my sincere sympathy. Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Mary looks so cute in her green dress and green hair ornament.
Sarah seems to be growing taller, too!
I really like your color theme for this gathering. And your snacks seemed to be a good combination of food for the young people.
It's sad that a batch of your cookie dough fell to the floor!
You sure are a diligent worker with your talent of hospitality. I cannot believe how busy you keep and how hard you work to make things nice for your many guests. I am sure you are winning many hearts with the food you serve to them.
I LOVE how you are working with Phillip, as a missionary wife.
Sincerely, Mom D

Steve~N~Angela said...

Oh Heather,
My heart just aches to hear of the passing of your dear sweet grandmother. I can not imagine what you are going through, but this I am sure of, Jesus is right there with you through it all. You have been especially on my heart these past few days, and will continue to pray for you and all of the family.
Also praying for your home in Columbia, that it is mold FREE!!!
We love you and your family, and appreciate you. Sending you ((hugs)) this time all the way from Surprise AZ!!!!

lila said...

Such a yummy looking post and a great looking bunch of young people. May the Lord richly you efforts for Him. Love you tons

mmsbryan said...

Just got time to get on-line. Thank you for your post for Grandma, we so wish that you could be home too! But as Nehemiah said, "you are doing a great work and you cannot come . . ."
God sent our Laura to us just as Loretta, our friend and care giver had to go. (Loretta set by Mom and kept us posted to come when there was a need or change) We had scheduled missionary guests, the Richard Grouts long before we knew this would be the time God would call Grandma home. (How fitting for Grandma's heart for missions) that there were missionaries in the guest room next to her room as she winged her way to Glory) I had asked the Lord to allow Laura to be here with us when Mom made the crossing. We had just had prayer together with Mom and each had gone to our rooms to retire when Laura felt she should check Grandma one more time. She noticed a change in breathing and came for us. Mom must have had only about five more peaceful breaths before she left us. As we realized that she was going, we began to plead the Blood of Jesus for a peaceful crossing and then started to sing, "It Will Be Worth It All. . . when we see Christ" If she heard some measures, just before leaving us and then in her glorified body heard the Celestal Choir she probably smiled in appreciation of our "try" to sing, saying, "bless their hearts, they were doing the best they could." :)
Isn't is wonderful that God knew you would need some family when the scedule changed and Daddy was assigned to come to Bogota to teach in March. Looking forward to giving each of those Grandones a big hug and kiss on the nose . . . and by the way we will have a hug for you and Phillip too!
I Love you all, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing all the pictures,and glad that all went well!!! The p.b swirl candy looks especially delicious!!! =)

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