Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~Our Sunday afternoon guests and "Tea!"~

Thank you for all your SWEET comments on my last post.  As if you can't tell.... I LOVE making fun tables and having company over.  =)
~As I mentioned at the end of my post about our Friday guests, we had 6 people over Sunday afternoon as well.   Here's some pics from our delightful Tea and afternoon with our Chinese friends from church.
I basically used the same table idea only "recycled" my real flowers, cutting the stems way down and for vases...I used these cute clear glass Argentine yogurt jars that I had told y'all about at Christmas time.~
~Then I made blueberry muffins in these cute pink and white polka dotted cupcake papers...and used these as the place cards.~

~For our food...I just set up a buffet in our kitchen of simple sandwiches, chips, fresh cherries, apple slices, Kimberly's YUMMY Choc. Cocoa Crinkle cookies, and served hot green tea and 7-up.~
~I thought my girls did a great job with my Chalkboard.  Kimberly wrote my "give us this day our daily bread" on my chalkboard and Sarah drew my loaf of bread....~
~And I also hung my cute little nutmeg/ginger grater that Phillip got me on my chalkboard. =)~
~I'm still enjoying my "grater tea lights" (tea candles inside my graters) in my kitchen.  So "warm" and cozy in the evenings ;-)...that I just couldn't pack them away after Christmas. =)~
~The kids' table~
~Our table.  We enjoyed visiting with our friends, Caro and Leo and their children, and Wey and his Mother (who came later).  It was so nice getting to know them better. We ate, visited, and sang hymns around the piano together.  It was a precious evening.~
~Our family with Wey and his Mom.~
~Our family with Leo, Caro and family~


Nelda said...

Every time I see your chalkboard I think about the Chalk Markers I have - I got my here at Hobby Lobby, but I have also seen them at JoAnn's They are WET erase - which means they stay on until you take a wet cloth to them. So you could erase off the chalk - the marker would still stay. You would love one, I am sure! Here's a link: (but they are cheaper with a coupon at JoAnns).

~Carla~ said...

Ahhhh, beautiful once again!! And you make us all wish for summer. Your light summer clothes, and beautiful flowers make these big bulky coats feel a bit more bulky lol!! However, I always hope spring doesn't come until the majority of school is over for the year. I don't know about your kids(or you), but for me and mine, school work is ever SO much harder when it's nice out. We got a lil bit of snow yesterday.....we took a snow day since it's the first inch we've had all year :) Love the pics, love the smiles, love the beauty of the decor and the fellowship. Thanks for all the updates. Love, Carla

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Sorry is been a while since I've posted on your blog, I've been focusing on homeschooling! And now we have the flu, so it was nice to read the last few posts to help the time pass:) That's so cool about your boat ride and Elijah's pray being answered! I love all your fun tables that you decorate! And the pics of Mary are sooooooo cute and well done! Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. Those chalkboard markers (you mentioned) look like a bunch of fun. I went to the link and looked at them. I'd love to have one in every color, but that will have to wait until I get back to the USA. =)

Blessings on you!!


lila said...

As always everything is beautiful!! So glad you are making friends and getting to share your talent and the love of Jesus with them. Enjoyed your post. love you tons

mmsbryan said...

I read this post last night and so wanted to leave a comment but was just too weary. As Rhoda England told you we were surprised to meet at the Ruby Pear Tearoom on Thursday. her Mother and my friend, Diane Kennedy is not supposed to come to that tea room with out me! It was a delight to walk in and see them in the gift shop and see their faces light up with surprise as did ours to see them. The tea was a gift from her pastor's wife, Michelle Miller Mater, I told them that I wished I had a pastor's wife like that! :-)
Miss Linda, Reva came over to visit Grandma and as a surprise to me, brought your sister, Laura along! Grandma was not able to go our for tea this time (she did accompany her friends for her 104 birthday in July) but after a time out and stopping at a couple fun shops we ladies came home for a light supper before allowing them to return to Cincy. I had prepared a Southern Orange Chess Pie and with help threw together a red pear avacoda salad and beef slidders. We asked Grandma if she would feel like coming down and sitting with us and to our surprise she came right down bringing her apron that she uses to catch the crumbs. Seeing her apron across her arm I took the que and quickly added a plate and had it filled with 'her size servings' by the time she was seated. She had a nice time being a part of the evening and we with her.
I enjoyed your post of the pretty tea and thought it very interesting that I had just returned from a tea. But Ruby Pear Tearoom does not have anything on your table, it was lovely. Love, Moma

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