Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~Our Valentine's Dinner at our house~

Thanks for all your sweet comments on our fun family pic at the top of the blog.  Mary does crack us up the way she is looking at Elijah hanging up-side-down! =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We invited Charlie and Jolie over to our house for Valentine's dinner. (They had plans on the 14th and so we had it on the 16th.)  We made heart cookies and "DIPPED THE TOPS OF THEM" into a special recipe of red icing. (I can't get Royal icing here, nor the things to make it homemade [Royal icing is supposed to be one of the best icings to use for piping on cookies to make them look really nice], so I was happy that this dipping icing turned out so well.  I'll post about the recipe later!~
~Not too bad for our first time "dipping". =)~
~The main reason we made these cookies...was to put in the center of each plate on my Valentine's table.~
~We put a Ferrero chocolate at each place setting.  I was happy to find these octagon black plastic plates to add a fun touch to our table.  We just cut red ribbons to go in-between the black and white plates.  =)~
~A few weeks ago I got these cute little white frames on sale 50% off!  In thinking about my Valentine's table, I decided to use these frames for my "placecards." ~
~I used the 3 pic frame at Phillip's place and took the chance to say, "I love you" to my Valentine. =)~
~Then for my centerpiece I used my black and creamy-white flowered tray, and goblets up-side-down holding candles, and some of my Valentine's flowers from Phillip.
(My candles are looking a little "used" but we leave Argentina really soon, so I didn't want to buy more to store. =)~

 ~I put a bouquet of my Valentine's flowers in on the vanity to add a fun touch to our bathroom.~
Our menu:  Oven-baked Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, broccoli and cheese, my french bread, and jello salad (And Jolie surprised me and brought a yummy fruit salad too).   We made Strawberry lemonade to drink.
~Charlie, Jolie, Heather, and Phillip~
~Charlie and Jolie aren't into eating a lot of sweets, but love ice cream.  So, for dessert we served vanilla ice cream and made a sauce with fresh peaches to go over it.  We made brownies and cut them into 3 different sizes of hearts to tuck into their bowl of ice cream.~
~We purchased these fun little white candies that say, "I love you" and have hearts on them.   (They are handmade in a store near our house.)
We made up a couple little Valentine's cup cake papers with a few goodies (including some of these) to take home with them.~


~Carla~ said...

SOOO cute and romatic and elegant!! LOVE it!! ~Carla~

Brittany said...

Love your Valentine's table! The cookies were the perfect thing for your plates :) I saw an idea for dipping them like that on pinterest, and decided I need to try that! It looks so much easier. Your menu sounds wonderful, I'm sure they enjoyed it!
I Love your new header picture - so cute!

Dorcas said...

Your table is beautiful!!

Dixie said...

You are so creative! I love how you set your table!

lila said...

Your table is beautiful! The square candles really add to the elegancy of the table. The cookies are adorable and look so cute on the plates. Love all the neat ideas you come up with. love and prayers

bryon said...

Looks lovely...I always tried to make the table special too in Peru, but yours just looks so into the holiday! Michele

RicKaren said...

Love how those cookies and red ribbons make the table pop! Great job!

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