Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Train wreck, prayer requests, and Argentine piano teachers~

With just 13 days until we fly back to Colombia I have TONS to do, but wanted to post some prayer requests along with a BIG answer to our prayers!  (We plan to go back to Colombia for about 6 months to help in the churches and work on our Residential Colombian visas.  Then, Lord willing, in a few months we have plans to come back to work here in Argentina.)
First, in case you heard on the news that there was a serious TRAIN WRECK here in Argentina...we are FINE and weren't on that train. 
So far they are listing around 49 deaths and 550 wounded. 
We do ride the train a lot but we have always taken a different line.  All the trains here do seem to be pretty rickety though.   Phillip reminded our family today while we were talking about it, that it sure does pay to be ready to go; one never knows what each day holds.
~My Grandma (nearly 105) is very low, and would appreciate your prayers, as would my parents.
~Please pray as we try to wrap things up here in Argentina, pack our suitcases for Colombia, give away, pack up to store, etc.  One of our dear friends here has offered to keep some things for us while we are back in Colombia.  PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER...for that was one of my prayer requests months ago! =)
~A lady named Alice came to the Chinese church this past Sunday.  After church she was talking to me and told me that her parents are elderly and that when they die she will have no one and and she is so lonely.  I hugged her and prayed for her right there while she wept.  If you think of Alice please pray for her.
~A couple weeks ago Phillip was invited to speak to the Chinese youth.   This Sunday afternoon we have invited that whole youth group over to our house.  Please pray that God will bless this effort to touch their lives for him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
One of the main things we wanted to find for our girls here in Argentina was a good piano and violin teacher.  A few weeks ago we found 2 wonderful piano teachers for Kimberly and Sarah. (A lot of musicians do not like to teach their own children music...and I'm one of them. =)
WE TAKE A TRAIN EVERY WEEK TO THEIR LESSONS AND OUR STOP IS AT THE END OF THE LINE.  (The train wreck here was also at the end of a line...when the train couldn't stop!)
~I made and braided a loaf of french bread to take to the piano teachers.  They are a Mother-son team.  The mother is like a sweet grandmother and teaches Sarah and the man teaches Kimberly.~
~Here is Kimberly and her teacher.  He is very good.~
~Sarah, Sweet Mrs. Elsa, Kimberly, and Sergio~
~Sergio plays classical guitar beautifully as well.  We are thinking of Noah taking guitar lessons from him when we come back...for we'd love to train Noah to use that for Jesus where ever God calls him to minister.  (In circumstances where there is no piano, it's easier to sing hymns with a guitar than Acapella. =)
These piano teachers are very good and caring too.  Our girls are very happy!
They also know a good violin teacher to recommend for us when we get back here, Lord willing.  We are GLAD that Jesus has provided 2 wonderful piano teachers for our girls!  God is AWESOME!~


Denise said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you all are okay and were NOT on that train or its tracks ;) today! That is awesome that you found such a sweet team of teachers for the girls. I LOVE their piano ~ just beautiful! That wood is so pretty. We'll be praying for you as you have the Chinese young people over. Wish I could be there to help and join in on the fun!Praying for safety and wisdom and direction for you all!
Aunt Nesi

Abigail Kuhn said...

Sooo glad that you all are safe, I hadn't heard about that wreck.
Also so neat that you found teachers for the girls. I teach piano myself and have for almost 9 years now. Where we live now is where I've had students the longest. One boy I will have had for 2 years this summer and I've also got 2 girls that I've had for a year now. I love teaching piano, I go to the people's houses and teach so that's a little scary at first but so far God has protected me and helped me.
I will be praying for those requests you mentioned as well.
Just want you to know that I love reading your blog, it's so positive and encouraging and fun!

Anonymous said...

I had to jump on here and make sure you all were ok!! Thank the Lord you weren't on that train today!! Love you all and can't wait until we see you again! Susanna

Making Memories 1999 said...

I'm thankful that you all are safe! It "hit" me tonight as I was reading your post and breathing a prayer for Alice... Here I am a gal from IL, sitting in KS (here with family), reading about and praying for a lady in Argentina... and God knows exactly which "Alice" she is...out of all of the Alices in the world!! =) What an amazing Heavenly Father! I trust your time in Columbia goes well.

lila said...

Thankful for God's protection over you all. So happy Jesus helped you find teachers for the girls. When you get back to the states we want to hear the girls play or maybe you could video it and put it on your blog. Praying for your people there and in Columbia. Love you tons

~Carla~ said...

So thankful everyone is safe :) Hugs, Carla

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