Friday, February 17, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...heart shaped cinnamon rolls~

Again, Thank you to each one who read our love story and who left a sweet comment.  =) I had written a shorter version a few years ago on my blog but when I read Marianne Brown's (posted on her blog several months ago) and Charity  Brown's (currently) continued love stories, it inspired me to write ours again.
To each of you who are thinking of writing YOUR love story...PLEASE DO...and leave me a comment, so I can hop over to your blog and read it!  =)
I wrote these quotes this morning:

"Love stories are like snowflakes...each one is original and OH. SO. BEAUTIFUL."  ~Heather~

"Love stories are like M&M's ...only they melt in your HEART, and not in your hand!"  ~Heather~

My Phillip is SO happy that I wrote out our love story!   For it was FUN memories for us...and Great for our children to get to hear some of the details of how God brought us together.  We make blog books of some of my blog so our love story will soon be in a book for our children to keep.  =)  (My blog is like my life journal!  Although I keep a personal journal too. =)
I LOVED writing it down too, but after spending hours on the computer over the weekend getting each part of our love story posted, I have hardly had time to be on the computer since Monday evening.
Here's a little of what I've been doing!
~Monday night I made these heart shaped cinnamon rolls.  They were so FUN and yummy!
Here's what I did.  I just made my Tried and true "Perfect Sunday dinner roll recipe" and then just used this method for rolling them into hearts!
Divide the dough into 2 parts and not 4.  I took one part of the dough and rolled it into a rectangular and put butter, cinnamon and sugar on it.  Starting at one of the LONG ends, I rolled it up HALF way (Jelly roll style) then went to the other side and rolled it up so that I had 2 rolls that MET IN THE MIDDLE.  Laying there it looked like an old-fashioned scroll.  I used a pizza cutter to cut my 1" cinnamon rolls then when I laid them down on my pan, I just pulled the bottom of the cinnamon roll down and PINCHED it between my fingers to form a heart!   Then I covered them well and let them rise in the 'fridge overnight. =)~
 ~Then after the cinnamon rolls were all ready for breakfast, I made these quick cupcakes for our "Valentine's eve snack." =) (Idea from BHG.)~

~Then on Valentine's morning I just let my cinnamon rolls set out for about 10 mins. on the counter and then baked them while I was fixing the rest of our Valentine's breakfast.  I just drizzled a light glaze on top so as to not hide the swirls of the heart.~
 ~I was taking a picture of them...when a certain VERY LOVED little boy at my table (sitting backwards on a white stool) asked me, "Mommy, can you take a picture of ME with my cake?" (cinnamon roll.)
Just look into those adorable blue eyes and see if YOU could have said "No!" =)~
 ~Our Valentine's breakfast table.~
 ~Then I took it easy for lunch and just served pizza and chicken nuggets with "hearts of barbecue" in which to dip them.  =) (Phillip figured out to just drop 2 rather large drops of sauce beside each other and then take a knife and gently pull the sauce down to form the heart. =)~
 ~And for dessert we had one of my muffins and some ice cream.~

 ~Then my man came strolling into our apt. with a bouquet of beautiful flowers for me...His Valentine! =)  He gets me roses in Colombia, so wanted to get me other flowers here.  I thought they were so pretty.~
 ~Since I don't have any flower vases here in Argentina, I just divided my beautiful flowers up in little bits around the house.  =)~
 ~Here's a close-up of my flowers.  I especially loved the red ones.~
 ~Back in December or January Phillip asked what month God had called us to be missionaries.  I told him in February 2004.  He said that it would be nice if every February we would go out together as a family to remember this RESPONSIBILITY of God on our lives!  We had invited company over for Valentine's evening, but they had to switch to come on Thursday instead.  So, Valentine's night we went out to an Italian restaurant kitty corner from our apt.  Like I mentioned earlier restaurants here don't really start getting busy until after 8:00.  So, we didn't leave our house until 9:00 or so to head to the restaurant.
 ~It's the restaurant that you see on the right side of this picture.  I took this night shot from our roof.~
 ~Here are Noah and Sarah.  They had a window behind them so I took it without flash.~
 ~Here are yours truly, Mary, and Kimberly.~
 ~Noah, Phillip, and A VERY TIRED ELIJAH who got out of his high chair and was asleep on the floor behind our table (which was in a corner) before they even took our order.~
 ~We were happy to find that this restaurant though very classy...was pretty inexpensive.  =)  We shared 3 entrees and a salad.  The kids drank Sprite and Phillip and I had sparkling WATER in those tall green bottles.  (There's NOT an option for not ordering drinks and drinking tap water in these countries.)   It was delicious food.~
 ~We had a special time remembering God's calling. Phillip reminded us of the seriousness of our calling, and how CAREFUL we need to be...for others are watching our lives.
These restaurants here are all about atmosphere and DON'T GET IN A HURRY!  It took quite awhile before they even took our order, and before it arrived so we could eat, etc.
So, we did have to laugh that the people in the restaurant probably were thinking, "Every time I look at their table they are missing yet ANOTHER child." =)  For, first Elijah fell asleep, then Kimberly rocked Mary to sleep on her lap, then later Noah asked to join Elijah on the floor and fell sound asleep.  We ordered a dessert to share and while we were waiting for it to arrive Sarah was asking if SHE could join the boys for she was SLEEPY!  (While I'm typing this out for my blog, I'm saying it out-loud.  Noah just heard me say about us "ordering dessert" and shrieked, "You did?! That's NOT fair! =)
Our dessert was a good as it, it was better!  =)  We walked home at nearly midnight...carrying 3 sleeping children.~
 ~My precious Noah made me this sweet Valentine's day card.  The picture he drew...Is me sitting on the couch and him (wearing his checkered tennis shoes =) bringing me his card!  Inside he had tucked $5 Argentine pesos.  How SWEET! =)
 ~Here's my card from my sweet Sarah too.  It's the word "M-O-M-M-Y with each letter hanging from a ribbon.  The heart is the "O" and the "M" is on a paper on the wall.  She wrote a sweet poem inside too.~
 I hope that y'all had a Happy Valentine's day.  Pics of our formal Valentine's dinner last night at our house with our guests coming up!


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved getting to see the pictures!!! The Heart-shaped Cinnamon rolls look SO yummy... and pretty too!! =)

Rob and Deanna said...

Love the Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. Cute idea! I planning on making some bread from my kefir, so will have to try them. You and Phillip are PERFECT for each other with your love for decorating and his artistic "eye", blended together to make Fun/Pretty ideas! Neat BBQ hearts, never would have THOUGHT of it! :-)

Daryl Hausman said...

how sweet. I just made those heart shaped Valentine Cinnamon Rolls for my family this a.m. not knowing you had posted them on your blog. They are SO fun that I can't believe we haven't thought of them before now!;)
Loved your post and your emphasis on your calling too! Blessings on ya'll hope you have a wonderful Saturday! love ya, Laura

~Carla~ said...

Lovely, what a beautiful day you all had! Thanks for sharing your day with us. Love, Carla

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Enjoyed your love story posts, Heather. So sweet! Yes, love stories are all unique yet beautiful! I love the picture of you and Philip at the top. I especially love your hair do! Is it just a simple bun? Please share. I need ideas. :-)


The Dickinsons said...

Thanks, Kim, for your sweet comment on my blog. About my hair...I just sort of part my hair on the side in the front and pull all of my hair back. Then...I just TIE IT IN A KNOT...around my hand, and then I wrap the rest of it tightly underneath (or around) the knot. I have a big clippy on the other side to hold it. But, you can also use pins. You can put it higher on your head, or lower down by your neck. I used to wear it down by my neck when I was in college, but, with all my hormones from my hair is now so THICK and LONG (touches the ground =) that I can't wear it down on my neck for very long. I hope this helps. If you have any question, just let me know. =)

mmsbryan said...

Beautiful flowers, table, foods, home made cards and most of all beautiful people. ;-) I loved the barbecue heart idea and the shaping of the cinnamon rolls. Next time I suggest that you go out to eat a "tad" earlier so that Noah won't miss his desert! Poor little lad. Love, Moma

Brittany said...

You've got my mouth watering with those cinnamon rolls! Beautiful! I enjoyed all your pics. And what a clever idea to make hearts out of the dipping sauce - so cute!

Janette Castle said...

I love your creativity with food! You are always making such special treats for your family! If only I had all your energy for food making and ideas! I guess I'm a "boring" cook. :-) --Janette
P.S. I also like your fun family picture at the top of your blog!

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