Sunday, September 18, 2011

~We had a good Lord's day~

Jesus gave us a really good service this morning.  Bro. Jimmy preached on how David was kind to Mephibosheth for Jonathan's sake... and applied it to how God for Jesus sake was kind to us.  It was a precious message.  Afterwards...
~Bro. Jimmy's nephew David turned 3...and we got invited to his birthday dinner! =)
~Daniella, (a precious girl from the school in Paraiso), Sarah, and Gaby.  (Please pray for little Daniella she's only 11 and carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.)~
~Kimberly and Nataly~
~Here are little David's parents John and Judy (and Gaby).  They were giving us some yummy chocolates for "Friend Day".~
~Nataly with her little cousin Stephanie...David's baby sister.~
~We had a great time together.~
~They fed us a yummy meal, snacks, cakes, drinks, etc.  We could hardly walk home we were so full. =)~
~Little David with his cakes and table.~
~Baby Mary and Bro. Jimmy.
Our children love Bro. Jimmy, and Sis. Farly and their kids.  The other day Elijah said with MUCH FEELING,
"Mommy, I L-O-V-E Jimmy and Farly."   Then he went on to say, ....
"I LIKE Noah and you and Daddy too!" =)~
~They gave Phillip the honor of praying for little David.~
~We were singing "Happy Birthday" in Spanish to little David.  He got embarrassed and covered his eyes.  Note...Elijah "playing the guitar" while we sang. =) We had a delightful afternoon.  How we are going to MISS our Colombian friends when we go to Argentina soon.~


knightfirstlady said...

Heather, enjoyed this--the pic of Phillip praying I noticed Baby Mary in the bottom watching him. So cute! She's such a doll! Loved her 11-month pics! Sharon Knight (We've never met, but I'm friends of Melanie Smith's family and I love reading your blog!)

Kira said...

How fun !

It looked like a fun afternoon ! Im sure you will all make some new friends in Argentina too ! I cant imagine anywhere that you guys would not make friends !!!

Little Daniella is precious . I felt that she had a sad eyes ( if that makes sense ) .....I will bring her name to the Lord daily .

Have a wonderful Monday ! cute is Mary seriously and i loved Sarah's hair .

lila said...

What a lovely day you all had. I feel sorry for your people. I know there hearts will break again but they will have hopes of your return. The peopole in Argentina will suffer broken hearts too. I think you all are just heart breakers. LOL... So happy people are getting to see who Jesus really is thru you wonderful people. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

That is so cute what Elijah said! The look on Mary's face when Bro. Jimmy is holding her is adorable too.
Love all of you bunches,

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! Glad you all had a nice time. That is cute about what Elijah said! (And I just read the comments and saw that Brittany and I posted the same thing about Elijah, without even knowing it. Great minds think alike! ;)
love you all,

Daryl Hausman said...

You all are a beautiful picture of "Jesus with Skin-on" Thank you for giving to the Lord! Trustin Him with all the adjustments for your dear Colombian friends as well as the new friends that you will make in Argentina. I had to smile (a sad one) at Lila's comment about you all being "heart-breakers" as I see your empty house here SO often and miss you sore! But I would have you all anywhere other than GOD'S PERFECT WILL... and I smile while I wipe a tear! Love you, Laura

.......... said...

Love all your updates Heather. Your children are so beautiful and growing so much. We pray for you and for your people. What a wonderful place Heaven will be. Much love, Carla

Leah said...

Heather, I have not commented on your blog for awhile but I really enjoy reading it! I hope your trip goes well and I really hope you are able to keep us updated here on your blog! We will be praying for you all!

Charity said...

Love the new pic at the top of your blog- such sweetness!!! Sure that your precious people will miss you, too!! May God grant you all peace during the transition. Is another American family going to take your place there, or is it going to be all nationals?

Beth Stetler said...

I really enjoy your blog and deeply appreciate your labors for the Lord!

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you all, for your very sweet comments!!

Charity, The nationals will be here alone...with God. Lord willing, we are to return to Colombia in March, 2012.

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