Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~Mary's 11 month pics~

2 weeks ago Mary turned 11 months. However, along came a mosquito and bit her on her face and she STILL has the bite. I have been waiting to take her pics until it went away...but finally decided to go ahead and take them.
Now Thanks to a nice comment from GLOANN I edited out the mosquito bite and had some fun making some changes with Picasa.   Thank you! '~'  Can you spot the changes?
~Baby Mary is such a HAM...that it took us several tries before we got some nice pictures of her.  =)
She would either get really happy...~
~Try to crawl away...~
 ~Make faces...~
 ~Do "OHHHHH" with her Mouth...~
~Pull her dress over her head...or just be goofy.~
In between times, we got some fun, nice pics. (I was so happy that Jesus gave us this adorable dress for Mary for a good price.)
Baby Mary brings so much JOY to our family...she is VERY LOVED by all of us!
Here are her pics.  Enjoy!
~I love her cute little toesies sticking out. =)~
 ~Looking at her big Sister...(who was stationed there to keep her from falling off the bed when she decided to try to escape.=)
~Cute!~ (click to enlarge)
 ~Just thinking...~
 ~What should I do next?~
 ~In Sepia~
 ~Should I crawl away again?~
 ~A cute smile.~
~Precious!~ (click to enlarge)


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Well, you done split your britches again, Heather! I LOVED every picture and some made me LAUGH! The pastel dress and background are beautiful!
"Ohhhh with mouth" picture reminds me of Phillip's baby pictures!
"Looking at her big sister" picture REMINDS ME OF MY MOTHER'S BABY PICTURE!!!!! Especially, her eyes remind me of my mother's eyes in this picture.
Pose of "pull my dress over my head" made me LAUGH.
"Cute toesies" and "Should I crawl away, again?" pictures were really cute shots.
I thought there wouldn't be another baby as cute as your Elijah, but Mary Grace gives him a run for his money! lol!
Love, Grandma Dickinson

RicKaren said...

She's adorable! And I love her dress!

Jeanne said...

so adorable.

Daryl Hausman said...

AWWW!!! I love all the pictures!!! She is such a dolly, and is getting SO big!
love to all,

Brittany said...

She is just so cute! And I love that pretty green dress, especially with the little toes peeking out! :)

lila said...

She is just plain cute. Love all the pics and what a lovely job shooting them. The dress and the background look so good together. Hard to believe she is almost a yr. old. love you all tons

Dorcas said...

Super good pictures of a darling little girl! Her dress is beautiful!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Very cute pictures, Aunt Heather!
I loved getting to see them.
Love you guys,

GLOANN said...

I read your blog following the link from The Painted Parsonage. Have never commented before but wanted to tell you that it would be so easy to edit out that mosquito bite with a photo editing program. I use Picasa which is a free download. It's really a great program. I enjoy hearing of the work for God you're doing there and appreciate the dedication of your family for missionary work.

Janette Castle said...

Very cute. I think she looks like Kimberly!

Angie Davis said...

She has such a sunny personality! You have beautiful kids, Heather.

Hope all is well with your family!

Daryl Hausman said...

We STILL see Sophia in her, but more so in her silhouette shots! one of those looks much like lil Sarah did too! She's so sweet and I love how her hair is filling out nicely! Give her a squeeze from us! Love, A. Laura

Janie said...

Awwww! I love them all. I can't believe she is almost 1! Your fall decor looks so pretty too. Loved the apple idea :)

Stephanie said...

She is beautiful, and that dress...LOVE it!

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