Saturday, September 24, 2011

~All things work together for good...~

~Sometimes bad things can be "blessings in disguise." =)  Since my purse got stolen Phillip let me buy a new one.  (I would have rather still had my other purse and this one too...but I'm glad for my new one. =)
Isn't she a beauty? =)~
~With Christmas coming up...How fun it will be to carry my new red purse with the off-white stitching on the front. =)~
~Here is a picture of some beautiful flowers that my sweetheart bought me the other day...just because. Since I wasn't feeling well a couple days this week, these flowers were beside my bed... cheering me up. =)~
On a more serious note...please pray for 2 requests!
~Phillip is to visit our 2 churches again one more time before we leave for Argentina.  He plans to teach and preach for several days.  Please pray that God will help and protect him and the kids and I here. =)
~Our owner came by the other night and asked Phillip if we wanted to BUY the house where we are living...for THEY WANT TO SELL IT!  HELP!!!  (Before we moved in just 7 months ago...Bro. Jimmy made him assure us that we could live here for a long time...maybe he has a short term memory???!)  Thankfully we have a contract until next Feb., but we are supposed to come back from Argentina in March and I have NO DESIRE to pack up and move then either.  (For we plan to have a couple guests come here to teach classes that month too, Lord willing.)   Please help me pray that they will post-pone the selling of this house for a LONG time! We are very happy here.  This didn't take Jesus by surprise and I know He'll work out what is best!  Thank you for your prayers!


Daryl Hausman said...

We'll be praying about your housing needs! Your new purse is just too cute! We love you,
The Hausmans

Daryl Hausman said...

Love your purse!!!
And we will be praying for your house situation!

lila said...

Very cute purse and nice flowers. You are always in our prayers. I know Jesus will work out the house situation. He loves you all so much, because you all love Him so much. love you tons

Valerie said...

Hello, I am a leader of our local chapter of Women of Worth in Ohio. We are starting our yearly meetings tomorrow night and your family has been chosen to be the Missionaries that we support. We will take a love offering at each meeting, and the women will be praying for you and your needs daily. I am going to share your blog web address with them so they can follow your lives, but if you could send a personal note once in a while that would be great too. :) I tried to see if you had an email address so I could send this private but I couldn't find one. If you could email me with a physical address where we can send support, the ages and birthdates of your children and birthdates of yourself and your hubby via email to It would be greatly appreciated. We are excited to get to know you and your family better and watch how God continues to use you in your ministry. :o)
Valerie Heskett

~Carla~ said...

Dear Heather, I love the purse. Since you can't have both purses, so glad you got a really darling one to replace your stolen one. We will be praying about your housing situation also. So glad the Lord knows all about it. And yes, scrapbooking together would be a blast. It's fun to dream of! Have a beautiful day! ~Carla~

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