Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~Does Anyone Scrapbook Anymore?~

Before we left to go back to the US to have baby Mary in Aug. 2010...I was caught up scrapbooking all of our pics through Aug. 2009. About a month ago, I made some blog books of my blog and thus finished 2009 and some of 2010.  I then decided to scrapbook some, for I wanted to have some scrapbooks with baby Mary in them like I do our other children.  I love the rewarding feeling that comes from seeing my scrapbooks being enjoyed by my family and friends...both now...and for Years to come (Lord willing.)  =)
Early this year my friend Marisol had asked me if I was going to scrapbook again, for she loves to look at my finished products.
~ Last night my girls and I met Marisol and we enjoyed some treats from Dunkin' Donuts and looked at my scrapbooks.    =)~
 ~We had a fun Lady's night out!~
~The Lord has really helped me and in the last month I have scrapbooked 168 pages.  Since I cannot have each one of you over for a homemade fall treat, something hot to drink and show you my scrapbooks...I decided to post some of my favorite pages on my blog. =)
(Sorry some of these got out of order.)~
~Starting School year 2010 at Mrs. Phyllis's house in Goshen, OH...right before Mary was born.~
~An adorable Elijah in the kids little red wagon.  I love his toesies all curled up in the top pic.~
~Our first glimpse of Baby Mary...that is when she began to wrap her Daddy and Mommy right around her little finger.=) (I love the stickers on this page. I wrote Mary's stats on the tiny wrist band sticker. =)~
~The beautiful fall day that baby Mary was born. (The pic of the trees is our fun view from our hospital window.)~
~Heading to the hospital to meet/have our new little Mary. (The pic on the top right was a couple nights before Mary was born...I took Kimberly out for a Mommy/Daughter time at Starbucks!)~
~Mary being loved by our family.~
~A Precious Mary in her Daddy's hands. The stickers at the top of the page say: Introducing...Baby...Mary Grace.~
~Mommy and Baby Mary.~
~Some cute pics that Will Wegener snapped of Mary.~
~Our first Sunday.  My sister Laura and her family came to see Mary.~
~Heading home from the Hospital with baby Mary.~
~Our kids feet.~
~Our family picture that Janie E. took for our prayer card.~
~Some cute pics that Janie E. took of Mary when she was 11 days old.~
~Baby Mary's dedication.  (She was 2 months.)~

~Christmas Pics that the kids helped me to take of Baby Mary.~
~Pics of baby Mary and Elijah that I took.~
~Pics of us working on our USA house.~
~Fall treats we made for treats at our CNC church.~
~Pics of our kids while we were working on our house.~

~Our USA Open House.  Our Living Room.~
~The desserts at our open house, and our antique gas stove and Ice Box in our dinning room.~
~Sarah really enjoyed going to Abby E's birthday party.  They got to go to P.F. Changs, and Star bucks.   Sarah came home bubbling over from her "Ladies Day out!" =D ~
~More US house pics. Our bathroom.~
~Our Master bedroom.~
~Mary's nursery.~
~Fun pics of the kids that Will took.~
~Edgar and Joanna.  Note the ADORABLE pink baby Shower invitation that Joanna made and passed out (in the right hand corner of this page.) It's a baby with a passy in her mouth.  The invitation can be pulled out from behind the baby's head.)~
I have about 30 more pages to do and I'll be done scrapbooking Aug. 2010 through Sep. 2011!  YEA! I'm trying to get done fast...for I need to start organizing and packing what we are going to take to Arg. on Oct. 19th.  We each are allowed only ONE suitcase and a carry-on.  Please pray as we try to get all the things we need for 7 of us for 4 and 1/2 those suitcases!
I plan to post a few more scrapbooking pages soon. =)  Thank you for looking through my scrapbooks with me. =)


~Regina~ said...

Wow!! That is AMAZING that you have scrapbooked that many pages in so short a time! I used to scrapbook and have albums for each of the kids and some family albums, but have neglected it for quite some time and am woefully behind!!! The pages you showed were beautiful.:)

mmsbryan said...

You did a wonderful job. I dooooo need you to come home and help me "scrap" the pictures of our 50th. But guess I will have to wing it for there are just too many miles between us. :-( I will look at your pages again for ideas. Love, Moma

.......... said...

Oh Heather, scrapping is one of my FAVORITE things to do. Each of my kids have a book (or books) and every year I try to do the year before so as to keep them up to date. However, I haven't gotten 2010 done yet. You have put me in the mood to get it started. I better hurry as this year is flying by! If you were a lil closer we'd brew some yummy coffee, chat and scrap together! Oh well, thanks for sharing your pages, I so enjoyed looking through them. Those baby Mary pictures are bittersweet. What a dolly! You are in our prayers. Love, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

I LOVE your Family Sticker about Fudge right above our family seeing Mary her 1st Sunday... which one of qualify as the CRAZY bunch?! Several I'm sure! Just teasing ya. Love you very much and way to go. It's in my heart (the want to) to get our scrapbooks caught up from 2007-now... but... yea, it's not happening yet. I keep dreaming that it will! Love your crazy sister, Laura

Greg & Stephanie said...

Beautiful pages for your family to treasure! I did one large scrapbook, and intended to do others. Then, my grandmother gave each of us grandchildren a priceless gift...she took all of her photos and separated them into photo books for each one of us, using the photos that would be the most meaningful. I thought that I might do that some day for my children, and scrapbooking would make that difficult. So, although I love it, I guess I won't be doing it anymore unless one of the kids has a special event they want made into a scrapbook. Keep up the good work!

Liz said...

If I scrap-booked like you, I might! :>) It felt like too many decisions to try to make and it became overwhelming when I last did it... Eventually, I'd like to do one for each of my kids of their baby stuff. For now the stuff is waiting in a tub under their bed and I'm 3 yrs behind putting pictures in albums ! :( But that's a good winter project. Your pgs are beautiful and inspiring!

Janie said...

Hi Heather! Your pages look great and I enjoyed seeing familiar pictures :) I don't scrapbook, I try to faithfully post my favorite pics on my blog and maybe someday I will have a photo book printed from my blog. BTW I appreciated the comment from Phillip on my PNG post a while back :)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I enjoyed every picture on this post but what made my heart happy was seeing the before and after photos of your Bodmann House. It is unreal that your family was able to get that place looking like a Home before you left the US. And I believe my bedroom would have been left alone with the door shut because there wasn't time to get at it but the picture of your Master bedroom is beautiful. You spent time making it pretty just like you did the rest of your house. Smile. You are like Dad D. He and you will have lived three lifetimes in your one allotted life-span. I LOVE that about you two.
With gratefulness, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

The pages are beautiful. It made me smile when I saw all the 'construction' photos of you guys working on your house. SOOO many great memories!
Love, Brittany

Brittany said...

You are amazing! It would take me 3 years to get that many pages done! ;) Maybe that's why I've gotten so very far behind. You're inspiring me to get at it again - I really love to do it, but I tend to spend too much time on each page. Like Lizzy said - I think it will be a great winter project =) Your pages are beautiful!

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