Sunday, September 11, 2011

~I! Love! Fall!~

The cool crispness to the air. The excuse to snuggle under a blanket and drink something warm. Burning a yummy candle. The falling leaves. Baking all kinds of delectable treats.  The memories of dating in the fall during our GBS days. More recent memories of traveling to lots of different churches (out west, down south, in Canada, etc.) together as a family [in the motor home that our dear friends loaned us] on deputation 2009.  Phillip's birthday and mine too are in the fall. I love the colors of fall. I love the scents of fall.  I love the feelings of Fall... Did I mention already that I LOVE fall?! =)
I think it's neat that Jesus called us to work in a city where there is Fall-like weather nearly year around.
So, ...I was excited to get to unpack and put up my Fall decorations here in Colombia again (I didn't get to use them for the last 2 falls...because of USA Deputation 2009, and Mary's birth in the USA 2010). Here are some pics of some fall touches around our house.
~Our first year here our Aunt Libby sent us a package with these fun Fall napkins in them.~
~A few years ago I was surprised and HAPPY to find these neat glass pumpkins and...~
~These fun glittery leaves in a store here.~ (I was amazed due to the fact that they don't decorate for Fall here...just for halloween.)~
~We had a good Lord's day today.  The Lord helped Phillip to preach on prayer, and we had the Lord's Supper.  After church we were privileged to have Sis. Farly's Mom, and sister and her family, along with Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and girls over for Sunday dinner.  I've been wanting to have Sis. Farly's family over for quite some time, so was glad that it worked out that they could come.
L to R: Sis. Farly, Me, Farly's Mom, Farly's sister Judy.~
~We had a great time together and they seemed to enjoy my American food. =)~
~I was also happy to find this cute leaf plate.
(Thanks again, Beth, for the yummy candle you gave us a LONG time ago, [on deputation 2004]...we're still enjoying it.)~

~Noah, Sarah, and Gaby at the kids' table.  The other 2 boys were more interested in toys than food. =)~
~I figured if we could do this with balls for Christmas, I could do it with apples for Fall. =)~
~A fall touch on our mirror.  (Yes, I planned to capture a cute little Elijah's face in this pic of the mirror.)
~I was working on another project most of the day on Saturday.  So, when Phillip got up at 3:30 AM to go downstairs and study for his sermon, I joined him and got everything ready for our company.  It was fun being up together in the early morning hours. Phillip gets up early to pray a lot...but I don't get up that early very often.  =D
I Love this man! =) (Obviously this pic was NOT taken in the wee hours of the morning. =)~
~Baskets are another one of my weaknesses are so cute, and yet so handy!  ;-)  I love them!  Like this set that came with cute cloth liners, and 3 baskets nestled together. (The 3rd and largest one is decorating the kids bathroom.)~
~I'm drying the billy button flowers that my friend gave me.  Now they are adding a fall-ish touch to our bedroom.  I couldn't decide whether I liked them shorter...~
~Or I'm posting both pics. =)~
~Some Billy buttons on Phillip's side of the bed too.~


Rob and Deanna said...

Fall decor looks so cozy! My vote is the middle picture of the billy buttons(?). I think the longer varigated lengths gives your decor character & dimension. ;-)

Jana said...

Your fall decor look so nice!! I'm so ready to get mine up, if it will just cool off a little! ;-) Love reading your blog updates!!

lila said...

As always everything looks lovely. I love fall too. I am getting ready to put out fall decor. Love the plates stacked on the cups. I would never have tho't of that. I vote for the tall billy buttons. Love mirror pic. You and your Moma are two of the neatest gals I know. We hope to go visit your parents before winter. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing all the pics! The decorations looked SO cute!
love you all,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I forgot to tell you that my second favorite, absolutely cute little face was Mary's, as she was looking up at the person taking the picture of all of you at the Sunday Dinner table.
She may be a tiny personality but she is a definite personality in each picture. Smile.
Love, Mom

Brittany said...

Everything looks so nice! It's still too warm here for fall decorating, which is actually ok with me - I love summer time! But I'm sure that as soon as it gets cooler I'll be getting in the mood for fall stuff, too =)

Daryl Hausman said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your apple idea! I'm trying to get our fall stuff out... it's on my list for "Today's To-Do list... for now the 3rd day!'~'
Maybe it will get done before Fall is behind us! =)

Daryl Hausman said...

Forgot to vote... We liked the longer stems on your Belly buttons... I mean billy buttons! =0

mmsbryan said...

Always enjoy reading your comments. I think that probably the reason Laura is late getting her fall decorations out is because she has been Grandma- sitting so that Daddy and I could go to TN to see GG. I took her some bunches of bitter-sweet and she has them on the antique lecture by the door and one attached to the antique window shash above the piano. Her house looked nice and Grandma loved being there with them for some days. With a touch of fall here I made loaves of homemade bread and served some French Onion soup with the hot bread and sandwiches fixins. Mixed up a batch of mocha walnut cookies to lure Daddy home from his study. So just now getting to check my mail and catch up on your posts. Thanks for taking time for all us back home! I loved Baby Mary's pictures! also enjoyed seeing all the other kids and company for dinner. Love, Moma

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