Thursday, September 15, 2011

~We had a fun Labor Day~

Thank you to each one of you who left sweet comments about Mary's baby pics.   I LOVED hearing from you.
The background I used for her pics is the other side of our bedspread.  Colombians LOVE color, so most bedspreads, pillows, etc. are double sided so you can turn them over when you are ready for a change.  =)
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
As you may have heard, the Lord has supplied our tickets to go to Argentina.  We are set to leave on October 19th, Lord willing.  We would appreciate your prayers as we take this new step of faith!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Since we had just celebrated Phillip's birthday on Saturday before Labor day...I decided that we were just going to take it easy and relax on "labor day". We started our day with yummy soppy chocolate for breakfast.~
~Sarah and I decided to dress in red, white, and blue.~
~Then it was beautiful WARM we took the kids to the park to play.  We passed a man selling pop-cycles for .15 each, so we got some.  Elijah is saying... "Good to the last drop!" =)~
~Noah LOVES riding his bike!!~
~Phillip and the kids playing on a broken-down merry-go-round.  They had a lot of fun making it go around. =)~
~Precious little Elijah fixin' to swing!~
~Mommy and Baby Mary [who has her eyes slammed shut]...says..."Could someone PLEASE turn the light's too bright out here!" =)~
~Mary enjoyed crawling in the grass and eating sticks. =)~
~Elijah giving his baby sister kisses.~
~Phillip, Kimberly and I "played" softball together~
~I love it...for we can see that church that we ride a gandola up to see a neat view of Bogota...from our park!  These are the Andes Mountains you are seeing.~
~We saw a man doing tricks. =)~
~This jello was delicious!  It was Strawberry on the bottom, then grape next (for the blue), then Coolwhip and fruit.  I didn't have the energy to walk the mile to the store (and a mile back) to get the white jello to put in between the red and blue layer. =)~
~Then we grilled hotdogs, roasted marshmallows and made smores.~
~Relaxed while Kimberly played us songs on the guitar.~
~And sat around the fire singing Christmas songs together.  It was a chilly night, so the fire and the Chill made us think of Christmas. =)  It was a fun...almost "labor -free day" on Labor day. =)~


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. :) It sounds like you all had a fun Labor Day and made some wonderful memories!

Daryl Hausman said...

I can't believe how TALL Elijah is getting. He looks like Noah tall in that one pic of him slurping that Popsicle for all it's worth! Cute blue shoes, Sarah! I love the "fountain Do" on wee baby Mary, too! That "man doing tricks" sure caught Bryan's attention! =) Love and miss you all TONS! I Would love to hear Kimberly play her guitar, WAY TO GO, Girl! XOXOXO from our "Haus" to yours! Today is our last Day with Grandma here! And we are sad! :( Love ya, MUCH! LCBH~

lila said...

Looks like you had a wonderful lobor day. Love your dress and red shoes, cute... So happy for the internet that lets us watch thoe adorable children as they are growing up, and we get to see all the exciting things going on in your lives. Thanks for the posts. love you all tons

.......... said...

LOVE days like this =) Thanks for sharing yours with us! ~Carla~

Daryl Hausman said...

Absolutely L.O.V.E. Mary's little ponytail, and the picture of Elijah on the swings. Too Cute!
Love ya,

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