Friday, September 23, 2011

~Fun Food Friday...French bread dough ideas~

~A Happy Fall afternoon to you.  In the last few days I have been...jogging/brisk walking in the mornings with my family, answering my kids' the one Elijah asked me yesterday.
"Mommy, Did Jesus Wear Jammies?" =D, ...
having a battle with our internet, nearly finished scrapbooking my last 30 pages...and lots of other things that keep a wife/Mommy of 5 busy. =)
But, Thank the Lord... it looks like things are doing better with our internet now.  You can't imagine how FAR AWAY all of y'all seem when I can't check my email, update my blog, read your comments, etc.
One morning when we were out jogging, I came upon this bush that had these fall looking berries on it...and was DELIGHTED to bring 3 branches home with me. =)~
 ~Thank you for all your sweet comments on my Scrapbook pages!~
 ~I put the fun pic of Elijah and I in a frame on the shelf in the hallway, and added some fall touches around it.~
 ~The pic of Noah and I is on the shelf above it. =)~
 ~I placed some beans in the bottom of this container and added my fun fall berries and put this on top of the book shelf in the hall.~
 ~Several years ago, I posted my French bread recipe on my blog.  If you don't have it and want it, you can click on the words below, "My French Bread recipe" and it will take you to the link with the recipe. =) 

My French Bread recipe
(I think You could use frozen bread dough with these recipe ideas too.)
Last week, I decided to try some new things with my French bread.  One thing I love about my recipe, is that it makes 4 loaves.  
With one section...I rolled out my dough, and spread strawberry or blackberry jam down the middle.  Then I took my pizza cutter and cut slices on each side into the dough all the way to the jam. Then I "braided it" by pulling up each side at an angle to the middle.  Let it rise, baked it, then made a powdered sugar glaze of milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar, and drizzled it on top.  Viola!  I had a fun "Coffee Cake" or "Breakfast braid"  for our breakfast and we all enjoyed it.  (I baked it the night before, and did NOT glaze it, then warmed it in the oven, and put the glaze on right before breakfast.) We liked it because it wasn't too icky sweet...just the right mixture. =)~
 ~With another section of my French bread dough, I used my sisters' idea and buttered it and added finely diced onion, Italian seasoning, minced garlic and cheese. Rolled it up jelly roll style, tuck ends under.  I brushed the outside with egg white/ water, let it rise, and baked it.  It was a hit!~
 ~My finished and glazed Breakfast braid.~
 ~Another section I made into Dipping bread: After first rise, roll dough flat in a square or rectangular pizza pan (or cookie sheet). Brush with olive oil and sprinkle garlic, salt, or other herbs as desired. Bake in 375-degree oven for 15 minutes. Cut into thin rectangular pieces. Dip in prepared spaghetti sauce, Ranch dressing, olive oil with garlic and balsamic vineger, etc.~
And as always...ENJOY!


Daryl Hausman said...

The fall berries that you found are so cute and festive!
Love ya'll,

Liz said...

I have two more ideas for you (thought yours were super) - our family makes pepperoni rolls and I've wanted to use this recipe to do it before, but so far I've only used frozen bread dough. You roll the dough out like cinnamon rolls, then sprinkle mozzarella, lay out pepperonis and roll it up like cinn. rolls... Prepare the pan by melting a couple tablespoons of butter, sprinkling in garlic powder, and Italian seasonings. Cut the rolled dough, again, like cinn rolls and put them in the prepared pan - dipping the tops of the rolls in the buttery stuff then placing them in the pan on their bottom =) (I'm really cracking up at myself typing out this loooong comment!)

The other idea is like your garlic cheese bread, but in the middle put ranch, ham and bacon pieces, green onion, and mozzarella, the braid and bake =)

I made your recipe sooo long ago when you first put it up - I need to try it again! We enjoyed it.

Liz said...

In the second recipe, I meant green pepper, not green onion - though I think the recipe I had at a restaurant had both regular onions and green peppers chopped... I'm trying to remember what this was called at the restaurant... I need to do it for my crew =)

Dorcas said...

Everything looks really yummy!!

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you for your sweet comments.

Liz, your ideas sound yummy. I'll have to write them down to use them back in the USA, for I can't get pepperonis, nor ranch dressing here. =(


Rob and Deanna said...

All this bread looks Yummy!!! I LOVE bread & all things made with bread. :-) I have got to try Liz's ideas too!

lila said...

Love the fall berries, and all the beautiful fall decor. You do a fantastic job. The bread looks good enough to eat. :) love you all tons

mmsbryan said...

Your breads sound wonderful, surely bread is the staff of life and makes it so enjoyable, our life has been richer because Mom Bryan taught me how to make it. (check Hausman's post "Investing in Eternity" for a update on a visit from Grandma now 104)
Your berries look so much like our lovely bittersweet and you did a good job displaying them. Never thought of using beans as a support for the branches. So pretty. Praying for you all over these next days. Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

All the Bread looks ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! I'll be right over!! ;)
The Fall decorations looked cute too!

Brittany said...

You're making me hungry!! ;)
Looks delicious, and I love what you did with your berry branches - looks so cute!

Daryl Hausman said...

Yum! Praying for ALL that you have on your plate these next few days! I mis-read your e-mail and thought you said you had just 24 hrs left11 I was like "WAIT, WHERE have I been?" I know you are overwhelmed, but at least you don't have to have everything ready to leave on less than a day!!! Love ya, Laura

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