Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Some of our activities in Ohio in January~

Thank you for praying for Phillip. The Lord brought him back safely to us on Monday!! God gave him a good trip and he was very encouraged with how God is helping our church people to grow in Him! We are happy to have him Home!!!
Pastor Jimmy was going to take Phillip and I to my appointment to see a baby Dr. yesterday HOWEVER... yesterday and today there were these REALLY horrible RIOTS because for some reason people did NOT want people driving on these 2 days. So, they were throwing rocks at cars that they saw on the roads, and also were putting things on the roads to make them have flat tires. So, needles to say, we decided that we would cancel our appointment and reschedule. We didn't feel like we needed to be smashed by rocks. Scary! So, I'll let you know as soon as I see a doctor.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Since we were leaving to go back to Colombia at the end of Jan., we were privileged to have several dinner invitations in January. God has blest our lives with many friends.
~The Harveys had us over for a delicious meal and to help celebrate Raequelle's birthday. Cute cake!~~There was just enough snow that Steve pulled the kids around on the 4-wheeler. They had a lot of fun.~
~Kelly and I were roommates for 2 years at GBS and Phillip and Steve worked together. We always enjoy being with the Harveys!~
~Later that week it snowed some more and so the Pilmores invited us over to let our kids go sledding with theirs. We had a fun afternoon with them. Our kids were blessed to get to play in the snow quite a bit while we were there. You see, we don't have snow in Colombia where we live.~
~This winter is the first time that Noah remembers playing in the snow.~
~Pastor Paul with our Elijah and their Levi. It's amazing how much they are alike.~
~One Sunday night in Jan. we got to have the Eisenharts and Scott and Sarah Susan over for a snack at our house that we were staying in.~
~In Jan. Noah and Kimberly celebrated their birthdays. We went ahead and bought an icecream cake and included Sarah's name too, for we had been just moving into this house when Sarah had her birthday. My parents were able to come over for a fun day to help us celebrate the kids birthdays.~
~Gramp loves to read to his Grandchildren, and they love to have him read to them.~
~Kimberly and Noah's birthdays were on a Wednesday. After church the Pilmores invited us over for a snack and surprised us with a birthday cake, balloons, and gifts for the kids. How very sweet and thoughtful!~
~Then a couple days after their birthday we had a simple birthday party and invited some of the kids friends over. Since we were limited on space, we only could invite a select few. Our kids had wanted to have a party with some of their friends, since they normally aren't with their CNC friends on their birthdays. We decorated with Winnie the Pooh, and sprinkled candy (left over from Christmas goodie bags) as confetti down the tables. =D~

~Kimberly's table.~
~Noah's table.~
~Sarah's table.~
~I made a checkered choc. and white cake with raspberry jam in between the layers, and coolwhip/vanilla pudding icing, and used choc. cookie sticks and fresh raspberries for the finishing touches. I had Phillip write on the cake, but there wasn't much room. =)~
~The cake turned out yummy, praise the Lord.~
~On one of our last Sundays the Randy Pauluses invited us over for a nice Sunday dinner. Here is a picture of Kristin and I in her kitchen.~
~We surely enjoyed the yummy meal that Kristin made for us. (MMM! I think I could use some of that American food right now!!=)
~Our dear director Bro. Mark Becker invited us out for breakfast and a good heart to heart chat. (I think Sis. Becker had to work.) It was a good time sharing our hearts, shedding a few tears (that was me =), and hearing his wisdom. We have the best directors anyone could have. They love us with all of their hearts, and we love them!~


sherryldickinson said...

I LOVED this post! It was so interesting seeing all your Ohio friends. Your three children certainly celebrated their birthdays thoroughly, this time! Yes, I see several similarities in Elijah and Levi.
I am delighted Phillip's plane ticket got him home on Monday. I am sorry you had to expend all your energy getting ready for your Monday doctor appt, and then, couldn't go to it. But, I'm thankful you played it safe, and stayed home since there was danger involved.
Tell Kimberly that I am very, very proud of what a hard worker, and what a good helper she is being. She is one good girl! I love her!
I am praying that Jesus will somehow provide your OWN house to live in when you come to the States to deliver this baby. By the way, I like your little baby box at the top of your blog that says 215 days until baby due. Smile.
Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Hi heather ,Lauren from Ireland .

I feel like i have gone on Deputation with you lol .You have provided such great photos .

I was reading over your 2007 blog this morning and i really enjoyed it .I love to hear about the diversity between the two countries , you are doing such awesome work over there .

Well done again on baby number 5 , i pray that you will find a good doctor in Colombia and that things settle down over there so you can make it to the Doctors safely .

God bless Heather .

lila said...

I always enjoy your posts. That Noah is such a crack up. All your kids are so adorable. I am soooo happy you all had such a great deputation. You really made a lot of special memories. Can't wait til you can post a Dr. visit result. love you tons

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