Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~Saying those goodbyes and flying back to Colombia~

Here are some pictures of our last few days in Ohio and of our trip back to Colombia.
~My sweet sister Laura planned a nice evening out together to say those hard goodbyes. It was a special time chatting, and trying not to think of the LONG years it would be until we saw each other again. We had NO WAY of knowing that God had planned that we'd have a little baby so we'd see each other sooner than 2 years. =) Thank you, Laura!~~After church our last Wednesday a few of us ladies went out to Steak and Shake and enjoyed lots of laughs, talks and trying to decide what to order for the restaurant was out of nearly EVERYTHING we asked for. HA! We talked until 1:00 AM!!~
~One of the things that I REALLY miss when I'm on the field is the ladies night's out. So, I was delighted that they had one just 4 days before I went back to Colombia. Grammy Eisenhart opened up her beautifully decorated home and we ladies had a GREAT evening together. We did white elephant gifts, which was hilarious!~
~Laura and I taking time to smile for the camera.~
~Our dear friends Rob and Stephanie had us over for a delicious meal. We love the Ryans!~
~Our Elijah and Jessica Ryan looking cute as usual!~
~On Saturday our dear family Michael and Beth came and spent HOURS packing, rolling clothes, weighing suitcases, cleaning, encouraging our hearts, etc. I now have seen 2 ANGELS here on earth. =D~
~On Sunday the dear Eisenharts had Michael and Beth and family, our family, and Janie and Carl and family over for a delicious meal! It was a HUGE blessing for me not to have to cook when I was soooo overwhelmed with trying to get everything ready to leave on Tuesday!~
~Our DEAR pastor and wife! They are the BEST pastor and wife in the whole world! We love them tons! Sis. E. has just been VERY SICK. Please pray that God will help her heal completely! Thank you!!!~
~Kimberly with some of her friends after our last service at our church.~
~Laura, Regina and I after our last service. (Steff in the background.) We had wept sooo much saying those goodbyes that our faces show it. =)~
~This picture shows EXACTLY how I felt the whole time we were trying to pack, sort, weigh suitcases, clean the house we were renting, and get ready to fly back to Colombia. I had NO CLUE that I was carrying a little precious baby and that is the reason my body felt like I wanted to SLEEP the whole time!! The process is VERY overwhelming when one isn't pregnant. =)~
~But Thank the LORD for Michael and Beth who came back on Monday to help us finish packing, emptying the house, and cleaning it. The way I was feeling...We would have still been trying to finish it all, had they not come and helped!! =) Thank you, Michael and Beth!!! We could NOT have made it without you!!!! (I didn't get any pictures but Susanna, Emily, and Anna were a HUGE help in watching our 3 youngest kids and Isaiah nearly all day, so we could work faster in the house and get all packed up. THANK YOU!!!)~
~We left that house we were renting at 5:00 PM and Daddy and Moma took us to Golden Corral for a yummy supper. They had also found us some hotel rooms in a hotel just 10 mins. from the airport. (The house we had been renting was an hour and a half away.) Since we had to be at the airport at 3:30 AM, it was such a blessing to have hotel rooms close by!! Thank you, Daddy and Moma for all you did to help us!~
~Gramp walking little Elijah while we were filling out the 20 name tags to put on our suitcases, purses, violins, etc.~
~Our family right before we went through security.~
~Gramp and Gram with 4 of their 17 grandchildren. (Baby makes #17! =)~
~I had Phillip take this picture AFTER Sarah woke up from her VERY SCARY ordeal in the airplane when we didn't know if she was dying on us or not!!~
~Elijah sitting with Sarah who was feeling some better after sleeping all afternoon and getting some food in her body.~
~We were delighted to see Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly's smiling faces when we arrived in Bogota, Colombia.
It had been a VERY LONG and STRESSFUL day, but God had been with us every step of the way!!~


lila said...

What a day that will be when we will never have to say another good-bye. Enjoyed all the pics. love you tons

kira said...

Heather - i nearly cried at the pictures of Sarah on the plane , i cannot imagine how scary it must have been for you all .Thank the Lord for taking care of Sarah .

Noah holding Sarahs hand is sooo precious .
I am very glad that you get too go back to America when your little bundle is born .

I am still praying that you can find some good ,honest help in Colombia .

Good bless you and your family .

Beth said...


We enjoyed helping you all. Just wish we could have helped more. Love you all

Janie said...

Love all your pics. We are praying for you and baby.

Anonymous said...

All of these pictures make me want to weep! Thank you for sharing them. I STILL shutter to think how close we were to loosing our precious Sarah! PTL for sparing her life! We love you, Your sis, Laura

Martha C said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and your family. I read about your "condition" - whew - that does sound scary! I will have an ultrasound done on the 8th of April to determine if we are looking at another early birth. It is wonderful to serve God and know that whatever happens is allowed. Blessings on your weekend.

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