Sunday, March 28, 2010

~Part of our week in pics.~

God gave us a wonderful week with Daryl and Natasha. They flew back home Saturday, March 27th! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! =)
~My neice Natasha came with her Daddy to help me. We were delighted to have her here with Daryl. She was a big help washing clothes, hanging clothes to dry, folding clothes, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, and helping take care of Elijah. Of course our kids were thrilled to have their cousin here with them for a few days too. Baby and I have tried to not overdo it this week, but we did try to help wash the dishes and cook some, so the girls weren't so swamped! Here are Kimberly and Natasha making pancakes for our breakfast. ~~Some lemon bars that the girls made.~
~This picture is for Gram. She re-made this skirt for Sarah and wanted to see a picture of it on her. What you cannot see is the cute little belt that matches too. Thank you, Gram!~
~Our lay-leader from the church in Cartagena, Bro. Rigoberto.~
~Our pastor here in Bogota, Pastor Jimmy.~
~On your right is our pastor from Medellin, Pastor Alberto~
~God really helped Daryl as he taught on Spiritual leadership and Phillip as he translated all the classes into Spanish. Daryl only had a week's vacation from his own schooling (the Lord has opened up the doors for him to get a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language) so Daryl and Phillip had to PACK a whole lot of classes into that one week. Thank you, Daryl for giving up your vacation for the spiritual good of the people here in Colombia. Our people are thrilled to have received what they did this week. They learned a lot and God's presence was really close as well. Thank you for your prayers.~
~The Wednesday night service crowd.~
~Since I wasn't supposed to be doing much, poor Natasha didn't get to get out of the house very much. So, on Thursday Phillip carried me down the stairs and we took them to a restaurant so we could have a typical meal together. ~
~I was trying to get a picture of my plate of food, but Phillip wanted to get a picture of Elijah and I WITH my plate. All 8 of us ate for such a CHEAP price. We each had a plate full of baked chicken, rice, beans, salad, plantan (fried banana type fruit/vegetable), and all the fresh lemonade we wanted to drink. Plus we bought 2 bottled juices so it would more safe for Natasha and Daryl to drink. We got allllll of that for $13.00!!!!! Just a couple blocks away just ONE PLATE costs nearly that much! With that kind of price it doesn't pay to cook...especially when you are expecting and don't have a lot of energy. =D~
~Then we took Natasha and our kids for a yummy cheap icecream cone.~
Keep tuned...More pictures to come!


sherryldickinson said...

Another nice post, Heather!
Natasha and Kimberly are turning into lean, mean, working machines! Bless their dear co-operating hearts!
"Piggy" is so cute, Noah is so cute, and Sarah is so cute-it's pitiful! I LOVE them and MISS them! Kimberly is looking more and more like a young lady, instead of a little girl, these days. I'm not going to recognize her when I see her again! I LOVE and MISS her too!
Bless dear busy Gram's heart for fixing clothes for the girls! What would we ever do without dear Gram?
I am so thankful for all the work your families are doing for the Colombian Christians. It makes me happy to see they are getting encouragement to press their way to Heaven. And, I'm sure your church people feel blessed to have your talents and efforts aiding them in their Christian endeavors.
I LOVE hearing all that is going on with the Christians in your part of the world.
Love and prayers,
Mom D

kira said...

I love your new pic at the top of your blog , you all look so nice .

Im so glad God gave you a great week with your niece and i hope you are able to find someone honest and helpful to keep up with your housework so you and baby can rest .

Take it easy Heather and plenty of rest and have a lovely week with your awesome family .

God Bless .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic of the skirt. I should have thought that with most tops being worn over the belt would not be needed so much. But it did help to blend the khaki and the denim.
We love that little baby and the Mommy as well so please do all you can to take care. Am praying for the phone line. Love, Moma

Gayle said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Thank you so much for the coffee and candy!
Love ya!
Grammy and Pastor

Lisa R said...

Hi, Heather! I haven't blog-hopped in a while and was so excited to see you're having another baby :) Your kids are so darling; you really do have a lovely family!

I have a particular question to ask you..... You have been chosen as a feature on an alumni board here in the Music Studio. Would you give me some specifics of your current involvement where you are using your music training?

Thanks so much, Heather! I hope you have a lovely day.... You are a beautiful example. - Lisa

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