Saturday, March 13, 2010

~Our Welcome Home Party~

~On Monday after we got back from the USA, Jimmy and Farly and a group from the church planned a special "Welcome Home" party for us in Jimmy and Farly's home! It was very sweet of them!~~This pretty sign says, "Welcome Dickinson family!!!"~
~LtoR: Jimmy's sister, His Mom, Heather, Nubia holding Elijah, and Farly.~
~The food was beyond delicious. Some wonderful ham that they cooked (ham is RARE here, so it was a VERY special meal), creamed potatoes, sliced apples and papaya, and a yummy salad.~
~A group of us enjoying our meal!~
~It was also Jimmy's Dad's birthday. They had a very neat candle that they lit in the middle of the cake! You can see that the flame is shooting about a foot high or so.~
~Here is the birthday "boy" holding Elijah and his grandson. (They look like twins don't they? HA! =) Jimmy's Dad is a very special man to our family. It has been exciting to see him drawing closer to Jesus!


sherryldickinson said...

I just made a long comment and now it has disappeared into the black hole of space! I wonder what I did wrong?
This was wonderful of your friends to go to such trouble to welcome you home with a beautiful meal. I am happy you guys are devoting yourselves to help the Christian people of Colombia. With such sacrifices God is well pleased!
Love, Mom D

lila said...

So happy they did that for such a deserving,devoted family. I love all those bright colors. The food looks wonderful. Take care love you tons

kira said...

The party looked like a lot of fun , how sweet of your friends it for you all .

That cake looked awesome .

god bless Heather .

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