Sunday, March 7, 2010

~We're getting company~

Thank you for your concern, sweet comments and your prayers for baby and I! I know that I can TRUST the ONE who died for me to work out His special plan in our lives!! I'll keep you updated on our progress. =)
Lord willing, in just 2 weeks my brother-in-law Daryl is coming to teach a week of classes to our people here. Of course, Phillip will be translating those classes into Spanish.
~Daryl and his sweetheart, my dear sister Laura!~

We just learned Friday that my neice Natasha gets to come too! We are very excited about them coming. One reason for Natasha coming is that she felt it on her heart to come and help cook, clean, and take care of things to help her Aunt Heather. Thank you, Natasha for your thoughtfulness. I WISH YOU COULD STAY FOR A COUPLE MONTHS (AND I KNOW YOU WOULD) IF YOUR SCHEDULE WOULD ALLOW YOU TO. BUT WE WILL LOVE HAVING YOU HERE FOR THE WEEK THAT GET TO BE HERE. =) We can't wait to see y'all soon!
~Natasha is the girl to your left~

(And I'm looking forward to receiving my maternity clothes from the USA which Daryl and Natasha are planning on bringing with them. My regular skirts are getting too small. =) Please do pray for Daryl and Phillip as they teach that God will use these classes to bless our people!
~The other day before I went to the doctor, Jimmy and Farly and our family ate lunch together. Perhaps (if you use your imagination) you can see my little "baby bump". It's not much yet, but it's there. =D~


Anonymous said...

Heather, this is Susan

Mom called me last night to tell me what your blog said regarding your prayer request. Of course, I was very concerned. I hung up the phone and the next song to come across the Christian radio station was Jesus Loves Me. I was amazed because I don't ever remember hearing this song before at this time of day on this station. I believe God used it to encourage me that He knows all about your situation and condition.
Then around 4:30 this morning, I awoke and was alert...not normal! I felt then that I was awakened to pray for you. I tried my best and tried to figure out how God could "help" you best.:) I tried to think of the scenerios that bed rest would create for you and thought how nice it would be if God would send someone from the states to help you whom you could trust and love to help you. I gave up and "decided" that I'm just not as smart as God. That sounds "lite" or trite, but I had to believe that there's just some things I'm not responsible for. One person that did cross my mind was Natasha. I figured with her schooling and such that she wouldn't be able. Then I read your blog (after church this morning) and learned God has spoken to her. I'm tickled that God is answering prayer for you and sending such a GREAT helper. Blessings on you, your family, and that cute little young'un kickin' and growing like crazy right inside of you!!!!!! Love, Susan

kira said...

Heather it is sooo good to hear that you will have your dear niece to help you , God is so good.

Still praying for you all .

Beth said...

How special that Natasha gets to come! I too was praying for the Lord to lead the right person to be your helper, and it looks like He's answered that prayer. We'll be praying for Daryl and Natasha as they come and for you all. Thank you for your email yesterday; I passed it on to the girls in GGN.

sherryldickinson said...

I'm still doing my best to pray for you, baby, a trustworthy helper in your home (Thank the Lord for Natasha coming for one week!), and for a home for your family when you come to the States. That is great that Natasha is coming to Bogota with her father! How neat-o for all the cousins - and for you!
Thank you for this update.
Love, Mom D

Marianne Brown said...

Heather, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was sorry to hear that you've had to slow down. That is so difficult when there are people who still depend on you so much. You'll be in my prayers in the coming days. Please keep us posted.

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