Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~A few random pictures~

~I think everyone of you must have been FASTING AND PRAYING for baby and I to be able to sleep last Monday night after I posted an SOS on my blog. God took away my nausea which was HORRIBLE and I slept like a "baby" for the first night in weeks! My nausea hasn't been half as bad as it was that Monday. THANK YOU for praying for us!
~About someone to help us...our family has been having some pow wows about that subject. Having another person in your home from a different culture can be A LOT of stress. They do things differently, they can RUIN things, you have to teach them what you want done, you have to watch that they aren't stealing your things (or going home and reporting to their family what you have!!), if you want them to might get food like spaggheti with TUNA, LIVER AND ONIONS, or chicken feet with the CLAWS on them!! And that is to mention just a few of the STRESSES that outside "help" can bring! So, though we do have a couple numbers of some ladies who might be able to help us...we are thinking that for right now, we'll just keep working together and wait on getting outside help...I mean Stress. HA! (Oh, if only we could have one of our Mothers, family members, or close friends "run over" every once in awhile to help us. =D)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~One afternoon Sarah and I got to have a special time out together. I took her to Crepes and Waffles and we shared a chocolate fondue and enjoyed talking lady to lady. =)~~This has got to be one of the best invention since washing machines! My dear friend Mrs. Earline gave me this pineapple slicer and I LOVE it! Way to go Pampered Chef! We normally have at least one pineapple in our house each week, so I was THRILLED to get this handy tool. I used it to slice my pineapple for the Piña Colada Cheesecake that I made for Phillip for Valentines' day!~
~Just cut off both ends so it is flat with a sharp knife, and then slice it right down. It takes off the peeling, and takes out the core and cuts nice pieces of pineapple ready to use!~
~Here is the top of my cheese cake.~
~And here is a closer picture.~
~My Sweetheart Phillip gave me these roses for Valentines' day and to congratulate me on our new little baby. When we finally move back to the USA, we won't know what to do when we see the prices that y'all have to pay for flowers. We are BLESSED here in Colombia with gorgeous flowers for nearly pennies. =D~


Kim M. said...

Glad you are better (you look great!) Will pray about your help situation. Enjoyed your post and pictures!

sherryldickinson said...

Sarah is absolutely adorable sitting with her pretty mama in the restaurant. I love Sarah so much that it hurts! You two girls look so cute sitting there together.
It is wonderful hearing that prayer really works. God's hand still intervenes, and helps us in time of need.
What a fresh, beautiful, and delicious looking cheese cake you made! And, the Valentine roses look very pretty and romantic!
Love, Mom D

kira said...

It is so good to hear thta you got a good night sleep , i pray it continues .

I understand your worry about having an outsider in the house , at least you will have your niece to help for a week and maybe you will start to feel better and wont need anyone to come in .

I will continue to pray for you and baby .

God Bless .

Charity said...

OOOH! That fresh pineapple looks absolutely delicious!

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