Sunday, February 28, 2010

~My 3 other helpers that helped me this week~

~Since I have had gestational diabetes with my last 2 babies, I'm trying to be careful of what I eat during this pregnancy. We have not been making or eating desserts, but last night I was hungry for something. I found a recipe in the kids cookbook that only called for 3 Tablespoons of sugar for 12 muffins. (And then you fill the center with a tablespoon of your favorite jam.) Since we had Splenda sweetened Smuckers Strawberry jam, I knew that baby and I wouldn't be getting too much sugar. Kimberly was busy, so I laid on the couch and coached Sarah and Noah on how to make these muffins. =) All was going well, until I told Sarah that we needed a Tablespoon of baking powder (and I said, "The big one" (meaning the big spoon.) Well, I looked over and saw her dutifully filling a 1 CUP MEASURING CUP WITH BAKING POWDER!! =D Thankfully, I got her to switch to a Tablespoon just in time. Later after the muffins were all made she confessed that she didn't measure the 1 cup of milk, that she just DUMPED! HELP!~
~Thankfully, the Lord had mercy on our muffins and they were very good. (I think Kimberly wants to post the recipe later on our family blog.) Sarah and Noah have also been helping run errands, wash dishes, set the table, etc.~
~And my other sweet HELPER!! Need I say more? =D
Please do pray for Phillip. He is to return to us tomorrow. However, he has never received a receipt for the ticket he bought. So, when he gets to the airport in the morning, please pray that he can fly home. For he is 24 hours away, and that would mean buy another ticket which would be Expensive last minute, or he would have to take a miserable 24 hour bus ride home, getting home on Tuesday. We (and He) are past READY to be together!! It has been a long week apart.


Janie said...

love the picture of Elijah. How cute! Hope your doing better--glad you have helpers.

Anonymous said...

No comments are further needed... Help! That little man is everywhere at once, huh?! That's cute about Sarah and Noah helping. Our Bryan reminds me of Andrew, for he LOVES to help in the kitchen and knows where everything is. I let he and Darla help me make some cookies the other day. It was worth the Mommy time!!! Love you much and nice to chat with you tonight. Sorry we got disconnected. Love ya, Your sister, Laura

Lisa said...

Hi Heather! How nice to hear from you. Congrat's on your pregnancy...I didn't know! I do hope you feel better real soon!!! You have some terrific kids..sounds like your daughter has been a great deal of help for you and the family. Hope you guys are alright and Dave was able to help out.
Take care...I'll be back soon and see how you're doing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather, how in the world do you stay still seeing a "cup of baking powder" about to go into your muffins????? I think that would have brought me not just off the couch but somewhere above the ceiling! Your more brave than I thought but what a memory maker that one is. Glad to see the pics of your other helpers. The little monkey with his banana is a doll baby. How we love them all and the Daddy and Mommy as well. Praying for that ticket in the morning. Love, Moma

The Sayler Family said...

Heather, we pray for you very often during our family devotions. Your family's love for each other and devotion to God inspire me so much. Thank you for your unwaivering faithfulness.
Love and prayers from Colorado,

sherryldickinson said...

Noah saying 'cheese' in the first picture makes me laugh. I liked your comment about the Lord having mercy on the muffins. Lol!
I see that 'Piggy' still loves bananas.
Oh dear! My heart cannot bear the thought of Phillip not getting credit, or a flight, for the money he gave for a plane ticket home!
Sometimes, you all's adventurous life is more than my heart can bear.
I am constantly praying for each of you!
Mom D

lila said...

Your little helpers are tooo cute. So glad you have them to help. Praying often for you all. Love all your posts. Was so nice to hear your cheery voice. love you tons

Melanie C. said...

Congratulations on baby five! you have an email address where I can get in touch with you?

Thanks a bunch~

Ronda said...

You have some amazing(and adorable) helpers! :) Hope that you are having a good week...We are praying for you all.

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