Monday, March 22, 2010

~Our visitors, and some pics from Sunday~

Thank you for praying for Daryl and Natasha while they traveled on Saturday! God brought them and their luggage here safely!! We are having a nice time having them here. They arrived at our house about 10:30 Saturday night. (Which makes for a very tiring Sunday, bless their hearts.)
~Here is their towels and some roses and a couple welcoming gifts. (Please excuse my scrapbooking things in the background, that is my scrapbooking table.=)~
~I wanted to get them a welcome gift, so was happy that Phillip found these nice coffee cups and saucers. We got the Hausman family a set, and since Natasha had come along to help lift my load...I wanted to get a set for her hopechest too.~~Sarah, Natasha, and Daryl at the airport. Phillip only took Sarah for he had made another errand earlier in the day and had taken Kimberly and Noah. He wanted to take all of our kids, but he knew that he'd have to rent a VAN to get home and that is more expensive.~
~Our late-night snack of a new taco dip and chips, apples and peanut butter, and fresh choc. chip cookies.~
~Some beautiful flowers that Phillip got for our living room.~
~Kimberly, Natasha, and Sarah...happy cousins...with Elijah looking on in the background.~
~Natasha and Kimberly were going to play an offertory for church the next morning so they were practicing at 11:45 PM. Our poor neighbor. =D~
~Natasha, Kimberly and Philip playing in church Sunday morning. Edgar and his wife in the background.~
~Jimmy and Farly leading the service.~
~This past week they (The church people and Phillip) moved our church down to the first floor. So, this was the first service in the new location. Since it was a new location, and Daryl and Natasha were here, I wanted to go to church and surprise our people. So, Phillip carried me down our stairs and I took a taxi straight there and God even gave me the strength to play the piano too. It was nice being back in church and seeing everyone and everyone was happy to see baby and I.~
~Natasha, Kimberly and I playing Amazing Grace for the offertory.~
~The Lord really helped Daryl as he preached and Phillip as he translated. God's presence settled in and we had a special time of prayer afterwards.~
~Our family (all 7 of us =) in the front of the new church. I wore my first maternity blouse that day. (Since Daryl and Natasha brought them to me.) =D~
~Daryl, Natasha, Jimmy, Farly, Lady, and Gaby, and our family in the front of the church.~
~Phillip giving Sarah, Noah, and Elijah a very bumpy horse ride.~
~First thing on Monday morning, our pastor from Medellin arrived at the bus station ready for the week of classes. Phillip picked him up from the bus station and he ate breakfast with us.~
Natasha is being a huge help and her cousins are enjoying having her here. Today is the first day of classes. Please pray that God will bless Daryl as he teaches (and Phillip as he translates) and that God will use these classes to help our people draw closer to Him. Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture update. We are praying that God will bless every effort to His Glory. You and your helpers had everything looking so nice for your guests. So glad that Natasha can be there for Kimberly's sake. This technology is a wonderful tool to keep the heart in touch when so many miles separate us. Please keep being careful. I love you, Moma

lila said...

Glad for the good report. Praying for you all and your people. Don't get too brave yet girl you are not out of the woods. Snacks, table and all looked so nice. I am ever grateful to Jesus that He sent you wonderful people into our lives and brought us closer to Him and you brought out the entertaining in me I didn't know was in me. Thank you sooo much. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting such nice pictures. It helps us feel a bit like we got to come too! We love you and Praise The Lord for all of His help thus far! To GOD be the Glory! Love ya much, Laura Hausman

sherryldickinson said...

A delightful post with beautiful and informative pictures, Heather.
If you guys get much busier, you will be rotating on your axis'! Ha! Ha!
It is wonderful that you can have family there with you in 'far away' Colombia!
The part about Phillip carrying you down the stairs was precious to my heart. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to be a simi-invalid. Nor, can I imagine how your family is managing. I guess it all boils down to, "When we all pull together-how happy we'll be!"
Love, Mom D

The Arender's said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures so much. I am so thankful you have received some help. We have been praying for you and your family. I wish I could have e-mailed this to you, but I don't have your address.
Vicky T came over for coffee and a chat before leaving for their last revival meeting, and she shared this verse with me. When I woke up this morning, I had it on my heart to share with you. I hope you are encouraged in the LORD today.
"The things which are impossible with men are possible with God". Luke 18:27.
Have a beautiful day! Hope you and your newest little one are doing better!

Anonymous said...

That sweet little Colombian Coffee set is DARLING! Though I wasn't the visitor I'll sure look forward to using that to serve Coffee to our guests... Love you much. Praying for you and baby and your hearts this day! Love your sis, Laura

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