Friday, March 19, 2010

~Please pray....and some pics.~

Lord willing, Daryl and Natasha are flying to Colombia tomorrow (Saturday). Please help us pray for them as they do those 1,000 last minute things that there are to do, say sad goodbyes to their dear family there, and then please pray that they have a wonderful traveling day with God's protection over them and their luggage. Thank you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~One morning I got up and came out of my room, and Phillip saw me and whispered, "Hurry back ino your room, for Sarah made you some tea but I told her to wait until you got up, so she just now gave that cup to Noah. Go back inside, and I'll tell her that she can make you some tea now. So, I snuck back in my room and had my devotions and she brought me this little tray of goodies and a note."=D~~Of course Noah wanted to do it a few mornings later...but Elijah was still asleep so he couldn't make tea, (The boys room and the kitchen share a window, so Elijah can hear what's going on in the kitchen, and we didn't want Elijah to wake up. =) so Noah brought me this nice tray of goodies and a cute note. ~
~The other day I made these blackberry muffins and they turned out delicious. The blackberries tend to be SOUR here, but I was able to sweeten them enough to where they were good. =)~
~I love this little handmade table and chair(s) that we bought when we first moved here for only $7.00!~
~The week I had my scare, I asked Jimmy and Farly if they could help us scrub our living room furniture. Another person had cleaned it for us, but she had left blacks spots all over it. With my being on bed rest I knew that I wouldn't be able to scrub them, and I wanted them done before Daryl got here. So, the other day while we were at the doctor, dear Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly came over and took our living room furniture upstairs and made it look like new.~
~That was the day that I was soooooo sick! Sis. Farly made this delicious supper and juice for us too. Muchas Gracias Pastor Jimmy y hermana Farly. Les agradecemos mucho!!~
~Since our living room furniture was upstairs, we had room to turn our table around and add another one so we could all eat together. =)~
~I was trying to put my hand on my baby bump, so you could see it, but it doesn't show up. =)~
PLEASE remember to pray for Daryl and Natasha! Thanks!


lila said...

How sweet of those precious children to take such good care of Mommy. Thank you Jimmy and Farley for all you do our dear friends. We will be praying for Daryl and Natashia. I'm so glad they are going. Would love to come too. So glad you are being have yourself and healing. love you tons

Janie said...

Mmmmm...the muffins look delicious! Have fun with Daryl and Natasha :)

Anonymous said...

You don't need to worry about reminding us to pray for the safe arrival of our daddy,sister,sweetheart,and daughter!!!!!!! :)
signed for legal purposes but quite obviously your sister Laura :):):)

Linda S said...

Heather, I am sure by now you have heard Christa's baby was born, Marcy 17 at 6:27 PM; 7lb 7oz; 20". She had to have a C-section; baby was head down sideways. Suction wouldn't work because she had too much hair. You may find pictures at this site: Customer#48821-2929-65172.

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