Thursday, April 1, 2010 served your guests worms?~

Some of you have expressed concern that I still be careful and not do too much. Thank you for your concern and prayers. Although I am not completely on bed rest, I am still being very careful! I am not lifting anything heavy, not climbing up and down our stairs, not cleaning, and not doing things that I know could be too hard on baby and I. I am basically doing some cooking, washing dishes, teaching Noah Kindergarten and helping Kimberly and Sarah with their schoolwork when they need it. My family is helping with the cleaning and laundry. I was supposed to go to the doctor today, but when he told me to come back in 15 days he forgot that today and tomorrow are holidays and that they wouldn't be in the office. So, I will go see him next week. I'm trusting Jesus for a good report. I'll let you know what the doctor has to say. Thankfully I still have enough nausea/hungry spells, etc. so I feel that baby is doing just fine! I've got a cute little baby bump that I cannot hide now either. =D
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Before the Hausmans came to visit us Sarah and Noah saw a recipe in their kid's cookbook for "EWWW Gross dessert." Basically it was dirt dessert in individual cups with gummy worms. So, we put that down to make one day while the Hausmans were here. Well, things got switched around on our menu and the day that we were going to make that dessert, was the evening we were going to have Pastor Alberto from Medellin, and Bro. Rigoberto from Cartagena over for a snack after the classes. I told our girls that those poor men would NOT know what had come over us or THEM if we served them that dessert...but we decided to be brave and do it anyway! Here are the kids making the dessert cups.~
~Here is one dirt dessert cup. I know, you normally mix the coolwhip IN with the choc. pudding so that everything is DARK, but when you live on the mission field sometimes you have to be flexible and adjust recipes. We can only get pudding that you have to cook here, and our pudding was still nearly HOT, but we needed to hurry and make the desserts. So, we seperated the warm pudding from the coolwhip by the oreo cookies, that way the warm pudding wouldn't melt the coolwhip. Then we put the desserts in the refrigerator right away and they were just fine!~
~Phillip, Bro. Rigoberto and Elijah, and Pastor Alberto.~
~Us adults around the table. We had my French Bread snack, cheese ball and crackers, apples and a warm caramel dip, homemade grape juice, and the dirt dessert.~
~The men 2 languages! =)~
~Our dessert cups...right before we presented them to our UNSUSPECTING guests! =D~
~We weren't sure how they would react or if they would just quietly smile and eat it. But...they didn't disappoint us. They laughed, pointed to it, showed each other and Loved it! Pastor Alberto told me that when he talked to his wife the first thing she would ask him was what Sis. Heather had served them for a snack. He said, "I'm going to tell her...Can you imagine she served us DIRT AND WORMS!!" Hee! Hee!
~Another picture of Daryl and Phillip teaching! God blessed their efforts and our people are so happy with what they have gleaned.~
More pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

I love the ultrasound picture of the baby! It is sooo clear. I did a April fools joke on my FB today and told them I was pregnant. We used your babies picture as "proof":) It was so funny! We love you all and will keep praying for you and baby! Susanna Pilmore

lila said...

Will be watching and waiting for the news from the Dr. visit. Your dessert was cute. Glad they all enjoyed it. Take care. love you tons

Kimberly said...

individual flower-pot desserts were on the menu at a restaurant we ate at last night..yours are cute:)

We pray and trust that you and baby will continue and Blessings to you all on this Easter weekend!

SwtJess21 said...

WOW!! It's so amazing to see how grown up everyone is. I'm Jessica Hill(Storer)..not sure if you remember me or not, but I came to Eisenhart's church with my mom/brother. It has been a very long time and I was browsing the church's website and ran across your blog. Are you on #5 now?? Congrats!!!!! My husband and I are still in Louisiana for the moment, but looks like in the next couple months we will be moving to Texas or Oklahoma. I will be sure to read your blog to keep up. Keep in touch. GReat pictures too!!!!

sherryldickinson said...

It's late. I was too tired to look at your blog (my first opportunity since you sent me the e-mail you had a new post.) but the very minute I saw the kids making the dessert cups, my heart filled with love and a swelling feeling of comfortable warmth. It brought such joy seeing those four. My little Noah, whom I love. My Sarita, who makes my heart happy every time I think of her. Then, our beautiful Kimberly who is growing up too fast! And, dear, precious, Natasha, who came and worked her head off, helping you all for one entire week. What a beautiful picture that was to me. It was worth staying up at the computer to see this post, Heather. Thank you for the time you put into this blog for us. I enjoy all of it, so much. It made my heart happy to see how you share with and serve the Colombian people. I know it makes their hearts swell with gratitude and love to have you in their lives. I am basking with satisfaction, while I enjoy the sight of you-all's LABORS of LOVE for King Jesus. There could be no better person for whom you could give all of this work and devotion, than King Jesus.
Love and gratefulness,
Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

A. Heather,
I sooo enjoyed getting to come to Colombia with Daddy. I had a great time helping you all out.
Love you much,

kira said...

Wow that desert looked yummy hehe .

I hope you and baby are both doing well .

God bless you all .

Kim M. said...

Glad you are well. I must say I enjoyed the picture of those smiling men with their dirt cups. We had "dirt pudding" for dessert yesterday too.
Have a great week. Still praying for you.

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