Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~Some Saturday baking~

~One Saturday I got in the baking mood. I got to thinking that I won't get to bake in my own home in Colombia for 5 months (while we are on deputation in the USA), so I baked 78 banana muffins to pass out at church on Sunday, and...
~A yummy Choc. Chip (Brown Derby) pie.~
~A good Key Lime pie.~
~My Moma's apple pie recipe is the BEST...and Phillip LOVES IT. But, I found a new recipe for a caramel apple pie, so decided to try it. I added the cinnamon sugar on top because I knew I wouldn't like an apple pie without the topping that we put on our apple pie. Here is a picture of the pie before it baked.~
~The Caramel apple pie after baking. It was yummy! (But Phillip still loves our apple pie the best. =) I'll post this recipe soon.~
And I made 5 loaves of banana bread for some gifts.~
It was a fun day of baking...it felt like Christmas. =)


Rex and Missy McDowell said...

How much does it cost to airmail baked goods to Costa Rica?

Anonymous said...

Dear A.Heather,
The baking looks absolutely delicious!!!! All I can think of is ALL the dishes it would make! :) Can't wait to see you all soon!!

Missy said...

Wow...everything looks so great! Would love to have some of that banana bread for breakfast this morning. 8-)

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