Saturday, July 25, 2009

~Kelly busily helping in Colombia.~

Since we couldn't pack and move yet...We enjoyed baking and then Kelly helped us to erase Sarah's PACES. Now that we have an apartment we are very busy packing and moving. Enjoy these pics from Kelly's first 2 weeks here.~
~Kelly rolling out the Indian Fry bread dough.~
~Frying the Indian Fry bread.~
~Kelly and Kimberly with the yummy Indian fry bread.~
~I enjoyed helping Kelly make an apple pie.~
~Kelly with her delicious apple pie that she made.~
~Kelly helped us erase Sarah's 3rd grade Paces.
~Getting a blister on our fingers but Sarah's 3rd grade Paces are ready for her to do this next year. =)~
~Our Sunday dinner table~
~I found these cute little placemats and I love them. The plate doesn't really match, but my white dishes were already packed.~
~Us and Kelly eating Sunday dinner~
~Having a nice visit with Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly~
~Noah giving Elijah a ride on his 3 wheeler.~
~Packing and moving~
~Elijah playing in the stroller while Kelly takes a picture of Noah's "house" in a suitcase.~
~Noah playing inside one of the suitcases.~
~Kelly and the girls packing up the kitchen.~


Anonymous said...

Thanks ever so much, Kelly for the HUGE blessing that you are being to my sister and family! God Bless you for following His plan for your life. Keep encouraged, we LOVE and miss you here at CNC! Love, Laura Hausman and family

Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone, I can't wait to see you all and spend some time together! When I first heard the news that you needed a place to move to, there was peace in my soul that God had a wonderful place all picked out and is he not just the most wonderful God, less money and brand new!!! And for a bonus a beautiful hard working young lady to help you :-) I will continue to pray for you all.
Love Ginger

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up pictures of my babydoll working hard for you all. That helps my heart!! I miss her very much but am so very glad she was able and willing and excited about coming to help this summer. Thanks for all the time you invested in teaching her how to make bread and pies (not my strong points) and no doubt many other things as well. We love and appreciate you and your family so much and are thankful for your godly lives and influences in the lives of our children.
One proud Momma,

Dorcas said...

Between baking, cooking, packing & unpacking you all have been really busy!!

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