Saturday, July 4, 2009

~Our 3 "Kings"~

Happy 4th of July to all of y'all! Thank y'all for your prayers for my ladies meeting in Cartagena, the Lord helped me. We just got back from Cartagena on Thursday night. We stayed busy for Jesus while we were there, but we did sneak away and had a couple fun days as a family before coming home. I have lots of great pics that I will try to post soon. =)
~A few weeks ago we heard that there was a new Burger King here in Colombia, so one day we jumped into the taxi and went across town and found the Burger King. We enjoyed our yummy meal and our evening seeing a new mall that we had never visited here in Bogota. We are running so much trying to get everything done before we go to the USA for deputation that we needed this little break.~


Joy in the Journey said...

I am praying the Lord will help you to get everything situated in every one of your 'deadlines.' I guess I will have to take another trip to Colombia, so I can see your new place. Ha! :) Can't wait to see you all!!

Con todo mi amor y constantes horaciones.

Klunders said...

Dear Heather,
So you're going for the US soon? I hope all goes well for you and I can almost hear the excitement as you all get ready to go! how long will you be here for? I take it, it will be just for the summer, if that long. Our Prayers are with you as you travel and maybe just maybe I would get a chance to see you all some time while you are here! And if you have a service in Mitchell SD I would Love to hop in the car to see you, because that's not far from here. Have you found a new place to live yet? Hope all goes well with that. Well, have a wonderful day in Him!!! Love and Prayers, Hannah K.

Anonymous said...

I think, could be wrong, but isn't one of those kings a QUEEN?!!! :) Loved your pictures! Thanks for taking time with your family to just have FUN in the midst of ministry. That's so important! We love you and sure are looking forward to your deputation time! Love ya, Laura and family

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