Sunday, July 5, 2009

~Look 102!!!...and Our 4th of July pics.~

My dear sweet Grandma, Ruth Bryan, turns 102 years old tomorrow (7/6). She is still able to live with my parents in Indiana, still does beautiful needle work, and is the sweetest Grandma a girl could ask for.
Grandma, we LOVE you and Thank God for you! Thank you for your desire to seek after God and for your faithfulness in serving Jesus for MANY years now! Thank you for all the special handmade treasures (Aprons, pillow covers, potholders, tableclothes, quilts, etc.) that we and our kids have from you. Thank you for giving to support missionaries for many years now. I NEVER dreamed that one day I'd be one of the missionaries that you'd be giving to. =) Thank you for your FAITHFUL prayers, they mean A LOT! I love your child-like faith. You are a VERY DEAR Grandma and we cannot wait to get back to see you. I trust that your day is as SPECIAL as you are!! Lots of hugs and kisses are being sent your way from Colombia.
~This picture was taken back in August 2008 as we were heading to the airport to fly to Colombia. (Don't you love Elijah in this picture. He was doing his normal "Squirm" trying to get away. If a kid tries to pick him up and he doesn't want them to hold him, he'll just hold his arms straight up in the air, and he'll slide right out of their arms. =)~
~Celebrating 4th of July in Colombia.~
~We had just gotten back late Thursday night from visiting our church in Cartagena for 13 days, so on Friday amidst unpacking and straightening the house we hurried and bought some things so we could celebrate 4th of July together on Saturday. Here Phillip and Sarah are grilling some fish and hotdogs, while Kimberly is cutting up a fruit salad for the next morning's (Sunday) breakfast.~
~The rest of the food was already ready, so I was vacuuming the stairs while they finished grilling...and Elijah looked on.~
~We made some YUMMY potato salad and I made a "Wanna-be" flag on top. =D~
~Yummy Fish, hotdogs, chips and dip, potato salad, cold sweet tea, and then for dessert we had cups of colorful jello and oreo cookies. =)
~I bought these beautiful red calililies and some other white flowers and put them in a blue vase to use in our 4th of July centerpiece.~
~Our 4 American souvenirs. =)
Later that evening my dear friend Marisol came for a nice visit.
Thank God for the liberties that we still enjoy. God Bless America!!


Gayle said...


Your 4th of July pictures are cute!
Love you all!
Can't wait till August!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Grandma,
Thanks for the wonderful example you are to all of us of a godly woman. Thanks for keeping Jesus 1st in your life. How we love you and miss being with you on your special day! Love ya, Laura and family

Eileen said...

Oh I so liked your beautiful Red white and blue blog. Also I like your new background. At least to me it is new. I haven't been able to get on your blog for a while. It has been a long time. May the Lord richly bless you.

sherryldickinson said...

I'm just now getting to the computer to see your posts, so I had lots of catching up to do. Since I was in Las Vegas one week, I missed seeing what birthdays were coming up-which were Beth's!!!!!!!!and Grandma Bryan's!
Happy Birthday, beautiful Grandma Bryan! How I appreciate your faithful life for King Jesus. Because of you loving Jesus, we now have Heather as a missionary in Colombia; and I could want nothing better for my son and grandchildren than for them to have a wife and mother who is happy to do this.
How blessed I am because of your life. Thank you so much!
I love you!
Heather's mother-in-law,
Sherry Dickinson

Anonymous said...

Grandma's birthday was too full to take time for your post yesterday but she enjoyed it this evening and also the comments for her. Thank you for taking time to honor her and to show us updates of the children, oh yes we enjoyed seeing the Daddy and Mommy too! ;-) We too are looing forward to you coming home. Love, Moma
PS Your fourth looked so nice and the potato salad was festive! As Grandma and I read your blog I told her that I had never thought of olives as stars . . . I don't think in all her 102 years she did either! :-) Love, Moma

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