Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~We have an apartment!~

So...Right now we are VERY BUSY packing up our whole house to move in a couple days, and trying to pack for the USA too. After we move, we have to come back and paint and clean up our old home in order to get our deposit back. Plus, Phillip's teaching and preaching schedule remains the same during all of this. Please pray that we can get everything done in the remaining 2 weeks! Thank you!
We are really enjoying having our dear friend Kelly with us! She is an angel sent straight from Heaven! God knew that I wouldn't have been able to make this move without her!! =) Until we knew that we had a house, we couldn't really start packing. So, we spent the first week of Kelly's visit showing her some of Bogota and baking lots of yummy goodies! Here are some pics!
~Right before Kelly came we made this Father's Day cake, since we were Cartagena on Father's day.~
~Along with Quesidillas...I made/served this Oreo cookie cake for our snack when we brought Kelly home from the airport. It's supposed to look like a giant Oreo cookie. It was delicious.~
~Kelly's little welcoming gift in her room when she arrived.~
~Kelly brought the kids some fun gifts~
~Sis. Farly did a great job with our 5th Ladies' Meeting.~
~Kelly, the ladies and I listening attentively to Sis. Farly.~
~Elijah found a little friend.~
~At the end of the meeting I showed the ladies a new Yuca recipe.~
~One sad little Girafe (Elijah)~
~on Saturday Kelly, the kids and I met some new Colombian friends and they fed us a nice lunch.~
~Kelly being introduced to the church her first Sunday.~
~Elijah...doing what he does best...making messes. =)~
~Sunday afternoon we had Bro. Jimmy and his family, parents and sister and family over for dinner, then later that evening Felipe, Karen, Paula, Mathew, and Juan Martin came over for a snack. It's going to be hard saying goodbye to our Colombian friends.~

~My pretty real pink flowers that I bought for our Sunday dinner centerpiece.~
~I had fun showing Kelly how to make French bread and she did a Beautiful job!~


Kim M. said...

Yay! So wonderful that you have someone there to help you move as well.

~Gregory said...

I will be praying specifically about all of the packing, as you come to mind. I'm sure trying to pack to come to the States, as well as for your new home in Columbia is stressful. But I know God will give you the strength!! God Bless you and your family, and may you have a safe journey home!!!
~Tasha Q.

The Going Blog said...

The Lord brought your apartment search to my mind just today. I prayed for you and what a neat thing to read that the prayer has already been answered. I love keeping up with your family through your blog. God Bless!

Beth Stetler said...

so happy to hear that the Lord helped you find a good home. i'm glad it is new and cheaper. i have been thinking of and praying for you! i know these little details and BIG decisions are very stressful in a missionaries' life.

Kelly S said...

Praise the Lord! So happy for you and so glad you have a friend there to help!

Mindy said...

So glad you found a place! I know that's hard enough when you aren't on a time schedule! Will remember you in prayer as you get ready for all that comes with moving and coming back to the states.

Anonymous said...

Aww! How nice to get to see you and Kelly with all you've got going! Thanks for the pics. Praying for your strength. Jesus promises as our days are, so shall our strength be... that means to me, no matter how hectic it looks like, He's able to get us through it all. That's Laura's translation of course..:) so for what it's worth! :) Please know I'm praying for you and wish I could be there too, to help lift your load as you all did ours this time last year! Memories! can't wait to see everyone! Love your sister, Laura

Anonymous said...

Yes God is wonderful.I hope you like your new home as much as your last one.I am still praying for you guys.Right now more than ever.But I know God will help your family get through these next few weeks.I can't wait to see your family.Katrina

Rob and Deanna said...

Thanks for the pics & updates on what Kelly has been doing. ;-) So thankful you found an apartment!!

Dorcas said...

Wow!! You all have been very busy!! So glad you got an apartment and that your friend Kelly was able to be there to help you out. And that Oreo cake looks delicious. Yummy!! If you get time to look on my blog I put a picture of Lincoln on there from AYC (Appalachian Youth Camp). You may have to scroll down a little ways!

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