Sunday, July 12, 2009

~My WOW meeting in Cartagena pics!~

Like I said last post...God helped us to get everything done and we made our flight to our church in Cartagena on time. It was only an hour flight which was nice (the bus ride there is a LONG 24 hour ride and Phillip and others say it is a miserable trip.) We THANK THE LORD for helping us to get 6 airplane tickets for the price of what 2 normally cost! ~Our kids got these cookies on the flight. =)~
~The stewardess(es) in our flight LOVED Elijah and so they stood at the top of these stairs and waved goodbye to our family. As I turned to wave to them, I saw that the PILOT had his window opened and was FRANTICALLY WAVING to us too! I then told Phillip that I wanted a picture of our family with the plane in the background (for we rarely are BESIDE our airplane). Phillip was in the middle of taking a picture of the kids and I, when the PILOT himself came down and took the picture for us! He must have been from the USA for he seemed thrilled to see fellow Americans...and he spoke great English.~
~Elijah receiving the first of MANY COLD bathes in Cartagena. He was NOT impressed!! But near the end of our stay he got used to them. Our family agreed that cold bathes/showers felt refreshing since it is so hot there.~
~At last minute Kimberly got asked to teach Sunday school on Sunday morning. The Lord helped her, though she had had NO time to prepare!~
~I love this picture of Elijah and I on the left and Sandra and her little boy named Ni on the right!~
~Sis. Prissy, Heather, Sis. Nancy and Elijah. These are 2 very dear sisters from the Cartagena church. Sis. Nancy is a prayer warrior!~
~Walking home from church on Sunday morning we stopped at this neat tree for a family picture. The person taking the picture didn't warn us, so she caught Phillip not looking at the camera.~
I was to hold the Women of Worth meeting in Cartagena on Monday June 22nd! However...on Sunday afternoon I got VERY SICK! I laid in bed all afternoon/evening very miserable and told the Lord that if He wanted us to have the Ladies' meeting the next day he would HAVE to touch me. I wanted what He wanted! By the next morning I was MUCH better, though I was still weak and a little sick to my stomach. Thank the Lord for Sandra and Paulina who came over and helped Kimberly and I get all of the food ready to serve at the Ladies meeting. I Thank the Lord for His touch to me!

~My Phillip was a huge help too! He carved the watermelon fruit basket that held our fruit salad.~

~I made these little cards explining to the ladies how to be secret sisters. This little fish is a chocolate candy. I explained that just as this little choc. made them happy, their secret sister would be happy with tiny gifts too. (We are working with ladies of little means.) They LOVED these cards. =)~
~I asked this lady to lead us in prayer.~
~There was no water in the part of Cartagena where we were for about 24 hours. That made getting ready for the ladies meeting HARD!! Right before our meeting started the water came back on. We were supposed to start the meeting at 2:00, but didn't start until 3:15 so the ladies could get ready to come. =) We had a good turn out with 31 in attendance(including some children.) The Lord really helped and we had a good meeting.~
~The table and I. I made 120 oatmeal raisin cookies on Saturday before I left Bogota, took them with me and kept them in the refrigerator until the ladies meeting on Monday. The ladies loved my food.~~
~We made heart shaped ham and cheese sandwiches.~
~Here is the completed watermelon basket.~
Like I had told you earlier, Cartagena is on the coast and their Spanish is A LOT different...but thanks to your prayers; they were able to understand my Spanish and vice versa! I'll post more pics from our stay in Cartagena soon. =)
We had our 4th ladies meeting here in Bogota yesterday and God's presence was VERY CLOSE!


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for this post. How wonderful it is that God allowed you to touch the lives of the ladies in Cartagena. I know from the way He works that both you for going and they for your coming were blessed. May God make them better wives and mothers and true daughters of the King. I am counting the days until we see you again. Love, Moma

Joy in the Journey said...

Yummy, I want some of that watermelon! Haha! Some things never change! :)

I am so glad everything went well n Cartagena... love seeing Kimberly teaching S. School, that is precious. :)

See you soon!

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