Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~Scrapbooking 2008~

The Lord has helped me and I have been able to scrapbook all of 2008 except for some pics in June [Which accidently got erased off of our computer =(] and pics from November and December, due to my running short of pages to scrapbook on. I'm happy to have most of 2008 scrapbooked. =) Here are some of my pages from our last few months in the USA.
~Last July, God provided a neat cabin in Ohio for our family to stay in for a few days. It was a lot of fun just taking some time to be together and relax.~
~I scrapbooked this cute shirt that my Moma got for Elijah along with some pics of him wearing it.~
~Our Christian Nation Church 4th of July Campout. It was a BLAST!!~
~More pics of our camping out for 4th of July.~

~Laura's and my girls playing their violins and piano at the nursing home.~
~We were blessed and got to go the Creation Musuem with my sister Laura and her family and with my parents.~
~Another fun family pic at the Creation musuem.~
~Our baby Elijah~
~Our kids had wanted to fish for a long time. Thanks to the Kennedys, they got the oppturnity. I'm missing a picture of Kimberly fishing, thus the blank spot. ~
~On Bryan's birthday party day the kids also got to see 2 helicopters land in downtown Loveland, Ohio. It was a neat experience. =)~
~My nephew Bryan's 5th birthday party.~
~Working in the kicthen getting ready for Comargo camp.~
~Our Director, Bro. Mark Becker and his sweet wife Krystal celebrated 25 years together while we were there. Their children did a great job giving them a surprise anniversary party.~
~We loved getting to attend our own Comargo camp and I had a blast helping in the kitchen. It was super fun to get to work with my very own dear sister Laura too.~
~At my cousin Chista's wedding last Aug. 16th. We were sooo GLAD to get to attend!~
~Bro. and Sis. Eisenhart's neighbor let our kids see his tractor. I got this whole page done in JOHN DEERE stickers...and then noticed that his tractor is an Oliver! Hee! Hee! =)~


Kim M. said...

good job! scrapbooking is something I would love to do but it intimidates me! I do good just to get the pictures developed and put into photo albums these days.
Nice though b/c you are creating great memory books.

Gayle said...

Awesome! You do a beautiful job on your scrapbooks.

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