Friday, July 31, 2009

~Some pics.~

~One morning I got up and took a shower and when I came back to my room, this is what I found from my sweet Sarah! She had made my breakfast and brought it to me, but found that I was not in my room, so left it on my bed for me. She's so thoughtful! I'm a very blessed Mommy with 4 precious treasures that Jesus has given to Phillip and I! =)~

~Our girl's friend Paula spent the day with the girls and so we took a fun picnic to the park. It was windy and our plates and napkins were blowing everywhere, Elijah was crawling around getting into our food, and later a dog came and we had to hurriedly pick up things so he didn't take them...but we made memories. Our girls are going to miss their Colombian friends while we are in the USA.~
Please pray for our girl's friends as we leave them for a few months. There are several young girls that have great potential to do great things for God, but that is no secret to the enemy of our souls. Please pray for Paula, Diana, 2 girls named Karen, Gaby, Valeria, Sandra and Lady as God brings them to your mind. 3 of those girls are taking piano lessons, so that hopefully one day they can take my place on the piano bench in our churches. =)~


kira said...

looks like a fun time in the park .your girls will miss their friends but im sure they are looking forward to reuniting with old friends in the lovely 2 gt service that early in the morning haha u wil have 2 tell me your secret i wil try it with my kids.god bless.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for those girl's that you mentioned and I will pray that your family will have a safe trip to the USA.I am so exsited about seeing your family.Katrina

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