Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today, Tuesday, April 14th, starts what we all know as IHC! I LOVE IHC! All of my life I would almost rather go to IHC than to have Christmas. =) We LOVED getting to be there last year...but since we cannot be there this year...we will be watching/hearing the services from this link. Let us all be praying for God's sweet presence in the services for the next 3 days.
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Now that I can upload pics, I'm including some from before our guests arrived.
~The weekend before our visitors came, I baked lots of cookies and took them to the people in 2 of our churches on Sunday. Our people were happy that I had thought of them with my cookies!~
~That same weekend I bought a bunch of strawberries and made 2 fresh strawberry pies.~~I also made 2 batches of strawberry freezer jam.~

In cleaning for our visitors Phillip made this funny statement. "We don't do spring cleaning...we do "company cleaning!" =D
~Our bathroom paint was all yucky, falling off, and moldy. Since we are renting our house, we had been told not to paint or that if we did paint we'd have to repaint anything that we had painted the same color that it was when we got the house. We decided that we would just have to paint, for the bathroom was too much of a mess for us to live with anymore. My sweetheart washed down the walls with bleach water, scraped the walls and painted them white with a mold-free paint. (click on the picture to see more of the mess. Phillip had already scrubbed off the mold in this picture. We forgot to get a picture of the REAL MESS!)~
~Here's our bathroom's make-over...with some fun colorful towels that Aunt Lana sent to us. Thank you, Aunt Lana for the pretty towels...and THANK YOU, SWEETHEART FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK ON THE BATHROOM!~
~The kids and I made each of our USA visitors a fruit and candy basket, wrote them a welcome note and put their towels and washclothes with the basket too.~
Now for Day 5!
~On Monday we rested and did some sight seeing. We took our USA visitors to a water fall outside of Bogota. When we got there it was very cloudy and we couldn't even see the waterfall. So...we prayed and asked God to help the clouds to lift and God did that and we got to see the beautiful waterfalls and got some nice pics.
~This a picture of our family with the falls. You can click on this picture to blow it up.~

~Then when we got done we ate a delicious typical meal at a Colombian restaurant.~

~As you can see by this picture...Seatbelts and carseats are not a priority here in Colombia. I was happy to catch this cute picture of our kids...all looking out the back window of our rental truck...all in birth order.~
~That evening we had a house service in Jimmy and Faryl's home. We had a good crowd and a good service.~
~Bro. Pilmore preached.~
~Jimmy and Farly with their gifts from the Eisenharts and the Christian Nation Church.~
~After the service Jimmy and Farly treated us very special and gave us all kinds of Colombian treats. Hot chocolate with white cheese and special breads. Eggs from a cornish hen with a special sauce to dip them in. And we ended the nice evening with some yummy Colombian coffee served in a small cup which they call "Tinto" here.~


Lori said...

The 'company cleaning' comment is funny, and also very true! I do the same thing! For some reason when company is coming the extra things seem to stand out as 'absolutely necessary' :)

Kara Plank said...

You are one busy lady! The cookies, pies & jam look so yummy!

loree2000 said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful time with your company! It's nice to see you all doing so well!! Take Care!

The pics of Noah in the pot are DARLING!!

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