Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~Our Easter Sunday~

~For our breakfast...We made a new recipe for "Resurrection cinnamon rolls." You roll up a large marshmallow in a section of roll dough (with butter, and cinn./sugar) and then when it's baked the marshmallow melts and leaves the "tomb empty" inside the roll...the melted marshmallow makes for a delicious cinnamon roll. =)~ ~Our Sarah loves to write us notes. She wrote this pretty Easter note for Daddy and my page is behind his page.~
~The kids Easter baskets (poor Elijah didn't get a basket, nor any candy...but he got a cute little monkey and a new toothbrush. HE LOVES HIS TOOTHBRUSH! =)~
~Phillip and I each got a Twix candy bar and dear Phillip shared his pack of M&M's with me. (I had had 2 packs, but needed something to add to a gift for my secret sister that morning, so gave mine away. =)~
~A just awake Kimberly and her basket~
~A barely awake Noah and his basket~
~A tired but happy Sarah and her basket~
We had a very good service Sunday morning, and God helped Phillip as he preached. We taught the church several new Resurrection hymns. PRAISE THE LORD THAT JESUS IS RISEN!!~
~For our Easter dinner we had Shrimp with Lemon Linguine, rolls, a big salad, homemade grape juice and a dessert.~
~I made our dinner rolls to look like the backs of Easter bunnies (or Spring Bunnies =). Here they are before they were baked.~
~After the "bunnies" were baked.~
~Our family on Resurrection Sunday. The kids outfits came from the Eisenharts ...Thanks bunches!! The dress I am wearing is the wrap-around dress that I just finished making from a pattern that Julia M. sent me. Thank you again, Julia!~

After our dinner, I took a quick nap, and our family ran to our evening service (in the POURING RAIN) and had a good service, and then came home exhausted but happy with the good Sunday that we had had.


Tammy said...

Glad you had a blessed Resurrection Day. Any day's a good day, when you can rejoice that we have a risen Saviour!! :oD Hallelujah!!

...cute "bunny" dinner rolls. How creative!

sherryldickinson said...

Wonderful pictures of your Easter Sunday! I love it that you made such a special Easter day for your family. What a busy mama you always are!
Sarah's note (that I wish I could see to read!) is beautiful! Please save that for me to get matted and framed for you to keep. You could preserve it in a plastic freezer bag, or in some saran wrap.
Adorable that Elijah loves his toothbrush! Smile.
Thank you for your previous posts that I was unable to make comments on. Love, Mom D

Eileen said...

Heather the family picture on Easter is beautiful. The bunnie rolls are adorable. They look so easy. Thanks for sharing I am just checking out everyones blogs since I haven't really had a chance to do so for so long. Thanks again.

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