Friday, April 24, 2009

~An answer to prayer...and some random pics.~

Thank you for your prayers for the problems in our rental home. God has answered those prayers and this week an electrician came and worked on a lot of our outlets, light fixtures, and light switches. Later they plan to change a couple of electrical cables outside too. A friend of our land lady also came and fixed some water-damaged walls and repainted now they are like new again. We are very thankful for all that has been done this week.
The Lord willing, next week they will look at our spare water tank on our roof and see why it doesn't work and try to fix it soon too. There are times when the water is shut off WITH NO WARNING (and NO CLUE how long it will be off)...and we have not had any BACK UP source of water due to the spare tank not working. It is NOT EASY when one has 4 children and wakes up to NO WATER!! ={
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~One Saturday I decided to make 4 jean skirts for some girls from our church. (2 of the girls live 24 hours away and were leaving the next day to go back home.)
I started the skirts and was working on them, when all of the sudden I started feeling yucky. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me finish them so I could send them to church with Phillip the next day to give to the girls before they went home. Praise the Lord...God helped me get them finished (My dear Kimberly helped me on them too) and the girls were happy with their new skirts.~
~One of the skirts. We were in a hurry while trying to take this picture and never could get a very clear one of the flower and hem.~
~A close-up of one of the flowers on one of the skirts.~
~A lady from our church invited us over to her parents home for a nice meal. We really enjoyed our evening with them and their yummy food. Phillip was trying to make conversation and complimented their cute placemats, etc. on their table. However, we have learned (but due to our culture inbred in us...we had forgotten) that if you compliment Colombians on anything they have...a lot of times they want to please you so much that they will give you what you complimented them on. So, that night as we parted ways...the hostess handed me a bag and I asked, "What's this?" Upon looking in it...I found all of her placemats, napkin holders, napkins, and cup holders off of her table. I felt so badly, but she was HAPPY to give me her treasures. (The plate and silverware in this picture were mine already.) Aren't the things that she gave me so cute?~
~A bow on the placemat. There is also a matching cup holder covered in plastic.~
~I just love that cute little "Aunt Jamima" lady napkin holder. =D~
~Kimberly teaching Sunday school~
~A couple weeks ago Phillip was out of town and our kids were needing a break, so I took them to McDonalds for lunch and to play. Sarah wore her whistle for she and Noah were going to play "firemen".~
~Sarah and Noah playing "fireman" and "sliding down the poles to run to the fire" (in the playland at McDonalds.) =D~


Mindy said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! It is always so interesting. You seem to be the perfect wife and mom...and that's a good thing.:) I like your girls' jean skirts. Did you make them also? You have a wonderful family! Although you don't know me, I hope I have let you know you are thought of here in the states. Have a wonderful weekend! You seem to always be so busy! And that's a good thing too!:)

Vonnie said...

Cute pictures and cute placemats. I do love the napkin holders.

Beth said...

Thank the Lord for His help in your house situation and needs! What is going on with the whole visa thing?
Thanks for faithfully blogging; your blog is always fun to read!

Kim M. said...

I LOVE the skirts! So cute! I am just learning to sew and have a long way to go so you are inspiring me! :-)

P.S. The Aunt Jemima napkin holder was so cute! Ha! Now send it to me since I complimented it! tee hee ;-)

Beth Stetler said...

I told a lady at church here in Mexico that I liked her purse and the next service she gave it to me. I felt so bad. :-( Ah,well, live and learn.

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