Thursday, April 9, 2009

~Day four...USA company~

~God really helped Bro. Eisenhart preach in our Sunday morning service. It was nice to hear our pastor preach again. There were about 14 people that prayed after service. God really helped Phillip as he translated for about 14 different services while the guys from the USA were here!~

~Since Bro. Pilmore has a baby 2 months younger than Elijah, he was a very big help to us with Elijah during church since Phillip was translating and I was playing the piano.~

After our morning service we hurried home to a yummy Sunday dinner (even if I was the cook ;-) and then went to our evening service.
~Bro. Eisenhart, Phillip, Noah, Sarah, and one other person in a taxi.~

~Some Colombian houses.~

~I've looked over this huge city of Bogota, with it's nearly 9 million souls and prayed that God would somehow help us to do our small part to help Him win as many of these for HIM as we can!~
~Daryl preached in our evening service. God really helped him as he preached and helped Phillip as he interpreted. Daryl was weeping and so was Phillip. God's presence was very close and there were 6 or 7 people who prayed at the altar. The testimonies that they gave afterward were so refreshing and encouraging seeing what God had done for them!!~
After that service we all (along with 9 Colombian visitors) came home for a snack. We had a really nice time of fellowship together.

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sherryldickinson said...

Everybody is so busy in the States with Spring here, and Easter coming that I see few have commented. I love your explanation of Day Four, Paul Pilmore holding a sleeping Elijah while shaking hands, seeing Bro Eisenhart in the back seat of a taxi, and hearing of Daryl & Phillip weeping while preaching. It all touched my heart. I was happy for the people getting to hear you play the piano for their special services, and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the houses in Bogota'.
Thank you, Heather, for taking time to paint this picture of Day Four for us to experience.
We love you six so very much.
Mom D

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