Saturday, April 4, 2009

~You prayed...God answered!~

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for praying for my last requests (and for your nice comments too).
Adriana, our girls' violin teacher started having problems with preeclampsia on Tuesday and they had to do a C-section on Wednesday. Thank the Lord, she and her baby boy are fine! Please just help me pray that God will help her heal so she won't have a long hard recovery since she is such a busy violin teacher. Thanks!

God REALLY helped with our very first ladies meeting here in Bogota! There were 27-29 very excited people in attendance at the meeting in my home. We sang 3 Spanish hymns on Godly homes, being Godly Ladies, wives, and Mommies, and then I spoke! God really helped me! I had prayed and told God that I would open my mouth and was asking Him to FILL IT with what HE wanted me to tell the ladies. The theme of my Heart Talk was "being our Husbands' girlfriends." As I was talking God brought some fun illustrations to my mind, which the ladies all loved. I challenged them to remember how we ladies were when were still just dating our husbands? Remember? We always wanted to look nice, smell good, have our hair just right...all to try to win his heart! NOW that we have won his heart... how are we?
When he leaves the house in the mornings...what do YOU look like? Still in your nightgown, hair everywhere, and morning breath that would knock him over? ;) Remember that when he gets to his work, he may find ladies there who smell good and look pretty. The devil would love to tempt him with those ladies. (Now if he leaves for work at 4:00 AM, I understand you still being in bed. =) BUT...when he comes home...have the house looking nice, supper ready and you looking your best!! Keep the "home fires" burning. Write little love notes to put in his lunch...greet him at the door with a kiss, and use your imagination to keep him guessing what his girlfriend...YOU, HIS WIFE...will do next to keep your relationship at its BEST! Our men face temptations that we do not even have a clue about. So...let's keep ourselves looking nice, our homes clean and a LOVING REFUGE for him when he comes back home from facing a cruel world. Don't nag, gripe, and drive him away from you...remember...there are A LOT of women out there that wouldn't think TWICE about enticing YOUR man!! God help us to be the wives HE wants us to be! =D
After my talk, we went around the room and each lady gave a prayer request and then the person to their right prayed for that request. God settled down among us and several of us had tears running down our faces as we helped BEAR one another's burdens to God.
Next we ate. I kept my snack very simple as to not intimidate another lady who might not have much means but who would like to have the meeting in her home someday soon. I served tuna salad (in a v-shaped cut canteloupe) with RITZ crackers, baby carrots (Which NONE of them had ever seen in their lives. One lady laughed and said, "Why didn't they let these carrots finish growing? =) I served a dip with the carrots. Heart shaped chocolate and vanilla cakes with a dollop of Cherry pie filling baked in the middle, and lots of sweetened iced tea with lemon (which is new here too!) They "licked the platters clean" and loved all of my food...praise the Lord!
I gave out 2 small prizes to 2 ladies. Then, we each drew a name of another sister to pray for, and to give a card or gift to for this next month.
Then we made 2 cookie recipes together. Like I've said, most ladies here in Colombia have never been taught how to bake cookies, cakes, breads, etc. They were DELIGHTED to watch me make a "No Bake cookie" recipe (that I basically had invented just for Colombia) on top of the stove for those who had no oven, and then we made another recipe for a cookie to be baked in the oven for those with ovens. We served yummy Colombian coffee with our cookies. They went home with full tummies, and happy hearts and are eagerly anticipating our next month's meeting to be held in the home of Farly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The next morning I woke up and discovered that we had NO WATER!! All day I THANKED THE LORD that that had NOT happened to me on Thursday... the day of my ladies meeting.
God really helped us and gave us a wonderful first meeting. Thanks for praying! Of course I have nice pics...but my husband has been sooo SWAMPED with church related work and with our Colombian visa paperwork (that we are to get renewed this month) that he hasn't had time to finish working on our computer. Someday soon, I should be able to post pics...Lord willing. =)


Charity said...

Sounds fabulously fun! Can't wait to see the pics!

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

It definitely sounds like God helped you to have a successful and fun ladies meeting! Good job! That is great to hear about your girl's music teacher's baby too! Keep shining for Jesus in Colombia!

Beth said...

Heather, how exciting it is to hear what God is doing there through you all in Colombia!! Thanks so much for the report of the baby's birth and of the wonderful ladies' mtg.
Keep in touch!

Greg and Tasha Q. said...

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Dwight Robertson's book "Plan A, and There Is No Plan B" or not. He talks about using the daily routine things that we do as a way of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. That being "Plan A". Anyhow, reading where you were talking about making cookies with the ladies made me think of that book. Keep up the great work!! What an inspiration you are to me back here at home while we wait to see where God will send us at on the mission field.
~Tasha Quakenbush

Ronda said...

So glad that God answered your prayers and everything turned out well for the new Mommy and baby!
Sounds like such a FUN ladies meeting....yummy food and all! Will you come speak for our ladies??? :) What a neat that we all need to be reminded of!
You are such an inspiration...

Tammy said...

What a lovely ladies meeting! SO glad you had running water. It's a mess when we don't, isn't it??

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