Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~Can I count on you to pray?~

Day 4 of our USA company is coming soon...but for now I want to leave you with a couple prayer requests.
Our girl's violin teacher is due to have a baby boy in just a couple weeks or so. Her baby had not "gotten in position" and so her doctors were saying that they were going to have to do a C-section. She told me that as a VERY BUSY violin teacher (who teaches at several schools, plus teaches our girls, plus does a lot of concerts herself) she had NO TIME to lay in bed recuperating from a c-section. I began to pray and asked God to SHOW HIMSELF REAL TO HER and to help her baby to "get in position". She went to her doctors visit last Friday and came back to my house and told me that her baby is now in position and it looks like she can have a normal delivery! I said, "PRAISE THE LORD!" To which she replied, "Yes, When she told me that he had moved, I thought, Heather has been praying!"
Please help me pray that God will help her baby stay in position so she can have a normal delivery...I want her to know that our GOD CARES!! Thanks!

One of the things that I really MISS about being in the USA is the special ladies meetings that y'all have there. (Church ladies meetings, Women of Worth, etc.)
The other day, I was emailing a friend and told her that her ladies meeting that she had emailed me about sounded so nice and that I really missed going to those. And then it idea popped into my head! Why not start a ladies meeting here in Colombia? So, I talked to Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly about it and they loved the idea.
This is where you come in! Tomorrow, Thursday, April 2nd, at 4:00 PM, Lord willing will be our VERY FIRST Colombian ladies meeting and this one will be held in our home! I plan to teach the ladies some Spanish hymns about being a good Christian Lady, wife, and Mommy, have a devotional talk on "we wives being our husband's girlfriends", =) pray together, have refreshments and then I get to teach ladies who have never been taught how to bake to bake a couple cookie recipes. The ladies are very excited and it appears that we will have a rather large group. PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD will bless and help our endeavors to touch these ladies for Him!!! (And while you are at it...please pray that God will help my Spanish as I share from my heart! =) THANKS TONS FOR PRAYING...I know I can count on y'all!! =)
I'll give a report later! Now...I must go and get everything done...tomorrow will be here before I know it! =)


Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

Your idea is awesome! I am sure that you will do a fantastic job of teaching the ladies there how to bake and be good christian wives! I will be praying that God will bless your efforts for His glory! Can't wait to hear how great it went! Have fun!

Missy said...

Heather, that is such a great idea and so nice of you to think of that. I am sure you will do a wonderful job, but I want you to know that I will be praying for you. God can use you even if you stumble with the language. Knowing how big God is...the ladies may not even know it if you make a mistake in Spanish. God can change the way it sounds to their ears. I hope you have lots of fun!!!

Dorcas said...

This sounds so exciting and I can't wait to hear the results!! If God led you to do this then definitely He will help you accomplish this task. I, too, will be praying for you.

Eileen said...

Heather that is a great idea. You know I attended those kinds of meetings for a long time up home. But then the last few years we were home they have not had any. The ones that started it I guess were burned out with it and so stept aside. But I guess no one else wanted to take on the responsibilities it takes. I worked along with the one up home. I was the one that did the craft ideas, or what ever I could come up with to share with the ladies that would help them in their lives and homes. I so enjoyed doing it. So I do really miss it. I do attend them some down here. But it isn't like up home. It is so big down here and it really is hard to to help out. I volunteered when I first moved down here and they said they have their committee that takes care of all the decorating and such. Which is great but then they keep the same ones the following year. So you really don't get a chance to do what you feel God has given you. I am finding it out the longer I am here. It is a beautiful church, love the people and all but I am having a hard time not being able to use the talents that God gave me. Though he has changed some of my talents since I have gotten older. I am one that can't sit still. I have to admit that I am thinking a smaller church is for me. But the Lord placed us down here in Florida for a reason. So I am having to remember that and that He must have something for me. I pray all goes well with what you give it is really a joy to have something as this. May the Lord Richly bless you for your efforts. I will be watching for your report.
Be Praying for you.

Roseanna said...

Heather, I looooved that story about your girls' violin teacher's baby getting into position. How awesome that God answered that prayer! I hope this opens her heart :)

Roseanne said...

That is sooo awesome. You are the perfect person to teach those ladies how to be great wives and great cooks. You go girl, I will be praying from here. What a wonderfully responsibility and opportunity.

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