Friday, April 17, 2009

~The last of the USA company pics~

Since I can upload pics now, I'll post all the rest of the pics from our visitors stay back in March. We loved having Bro. Eisenhart, Bro. Becker, Bro. Pilmore, and Bro. Daryl with us, and their ministry was such a blessing to our churches here. Sorry for the overload...but there are LOTS of pics in this post. =)
Some more Pics from our Sunday... from my camera this time.
~I LOVE fresh flowers, so I'm happy to be living in Colombia where they cost pennies. I got these flowers for our table, (plus more that filled another huge vase on a table in our living room) all for $5.50! =)~
~Our Sunday dinner table~
~A place setting at the table.~
~Since I had the dinning room table already set for Sunday dinner, I served our breakfast buffet in the garage. :)~
~One of our desserts for Sunday dinner was this coconut cake. Yummy!~
~The other dessert was this up-side-down apple pie. UMMMM UMMMM!! =D~
~Bro. Eisenhart, Bro. Becker, Daryl, and Bro. Pilmore, Jimmy, Farly and girls and our family after church on Sunday.~
~Us during our Sunday dinner (Daryl was studying for his sermon.)~
~A smiling Sarah with some of her goodies from the USA.~
~A Happy Kimberly with some of her goodies.~
~The Beckers sent Noah these fun cars.~
~Grammy E. and the Beckers sent some fun cars to Elijah.~
~Some of my goodies that the Beckers and Sis. Joan sent to me. Some perfume, and lots of fun scrapbooking papers, stickers, etc. THANKS TONS!!!~
~Tuesday afternoon (March 17th) before the first service of our Christian Nation Church congress Phillip and Bro. Becker had to pick up some people from the bus station and so Bro. Eisenhart, Daryl, and the kids and I got some Colombian gifts for them to take back to their families and ate lunch at McDonalds.~
~A couple ladies and I singing "My Tribute" (in Spanish of course)in the service that night. (The dress that I am wearing I recently made from a wrap-around pattern that Julia M. sent to me. Thanks, Julia! =)~
~The people from our church in Medellin...a 10 hour bus ride away~~The family that came from our church in Cartagena...a 24 hour bus ride.~
~Our USA visitors being introduced to the church.~
~The Lord helped Bro. Paul Pilmore to preach that first night of our Christian Nation Church Congress~
Wednesday, March 18th was the 2nd and last day of our Christian Nation Congress and we had services and workshops all day long. God helped each one that preached, and helped Phillip as he translated. God's presence was so close that it almost felt like we were in the upper room at Pentacost.
~Here we were eating a snack between services. Later we had a DELICIOUS typical Colombian lunch.~
~Our family singing "Yes, I know" in Spanish during the evening service.~
~A group shot after the Congress. (I was afraid that Elijah was going to hurt that baby beside me, so I'm talking to him in this pic. =)~
After a whole day being in the church...fellowshipping with fellow believers, and basking in God's sweet presence none of us were ready to leave that night.
~After the last service back at our house...the guys enjoyed talking, eating pizza, and relaxing after the busy week of preaching. They stayed up until nearly 2:00 AM and had to get up early to pack and leave for the airport the next morning by 6:00 or so.~
Our family LOVED having each of the men here with us. Their Christian fellowship and preaching ministered to us as well. God is really working here in Colombia, and oh how that encourages our hearts! GOD MET WITH US DURING OUR SERVICES THE WEEK THAT OUR USA VISITORS WERE HERE...Tears were shed, lives were changed, and goodbyes were hard to say. =)


Anonymous said...

Hey, little girl you did overload us and in a week that was already overloaded, the week of IHC! While we could not read your blog we did not forget you and wish you were with us. Several sent greetings to you or asked when I had heard from you. I got many smiles when I told them of your call that you were going to be watching the convention and wanted me to wave. They smiled at my promise to you to wave throughout each service until the "men with the white coats come to take me out". ;-} We were thrilled with God's presence many times throughout the three days.
Thanks for the picture update, so glad that you can post again. What do you mean worried that Elijah might hurt that other baby, he is to cute and sweet to hurt anyone. ;-) I love you, Moma

Beth said...

Praise the Lord for His wonderful help to you! I am also thankful for how your computer is working and you can share pictures with us.

Thanks for the good update!

Vonnie said...

Great to see the pictures! Love the flowers and so thankful for God's help to you while the men were there!!

Gayle said...

Great Pictures Heather! You are a wonderful hostess! Everything looks so beautiful and Yummy! A little side note. The Homeschool convention was awesome. It made me want to homeschool:) Do you think Pastor would make a good student?
Love Ya!

Michele said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your pictures with us! My dad has had nothing but wonderful things to say about his time spent with you all in Columbia. May God continue to bless you as you work for him. The food looks yummy and the flowers are beautiful. I had a great time at the Homeschool convention!

Kimberly said...

So glad your visitors were a blessing...I'd love to hear ya'll sing "Yes I Know"(in Spanish)!

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