Friday, March 27, 2009

~Day 3...USA Company~

~These are a couple pictures of us receiving our gifts from our family and church family in the USA!!! We LOVED everything that they sent! Noah and Elijah enjoying their new cars.~~Looking through all the bags and discovering all the fun treasures. (My poem below will give you an idea of what we received.)~

Here is a poem that I wrote to our Christian Nation Church family to thank them for all of our wonderful gifts that they sent to us!!

~Christmas in March~
"Santa Claus" arrived in Colombia in the form of 4 USA Preachers. =)
Their suitcases full of cars, clothes, and creepy plastic creatures. (Toy bugs for Noah from his cousin Bryan. =)
Peanut Butter, choc. chips, muffin papers and more,
Pam spray, Skyline chili packets, pecans...goodies GALORE!

Bic pens, pretty perfumes, Things for our girl's hair,
Purses and 2 NEAT books, "Fire Proof" and "The Love Dare".
Tea tree oil, kitchen towels and colorful building blocks,
Cute Matching outfits for our kids, with matching socks.

Adorable Scrap-booking things and a nice kids' cookbook.
Yummy Reece cups...surprises everywhere we would look. =)
Sweet neat gifts to us from all of you there,
We LOVE EVERYTHING! Thank you for your love and care!! =D
~written by Heather 3/26/09

On Saturday, I ran to the market and got fruits and veggies and ran back home and made brunch.
~Bro. Mark and Daryl were a HUGE help to me in the kitchen. They both helped wash dishes and Bro. Mark helped me cook breakfast a couple times. I surely missed having some lady helpers, but these guys and my sweet man and Kimberly and Sarah helped me tremendously. Thanks y'all~After brunch the guys ran out the door with a snack that I packed for them...and had 4 hours of Bible classes at church. Daryl, Bro. Eisenhart and Bro. Mark all taught in these classes. ~Since I'm borrowing pictures...I only have a picture of Bro. Mark teaching and Phillip translating.~

After the 4 hours of Bible classes the guys ran up the mountain and had a house service. ~Here Bro. Pilmore is holding one of our baby girls from church. Bro. Pilmore loved all the Colombian kids (and our kids)...maybe they helped him to not miss his 4 kids quite as badly. =)~


Vonnie said...

Very nice gifts!! So glad you all can be so blessed!

Tammy said...

What fun! :o)

Beth said...

Are all these pictures borrowed? How is your computer? Thanks for the note!

Klunders said...

I'm sooooo happy for you to be able to finally have some one from the US visiting you!!! All the gifts must be great fun! I'm just sooooo happy for you! We keep you in our prayers as the Lord helps us! love, Hannah K

Ronda said...

Loved hearing about all of your treasures! Very thoughtful gifts...Happy for you! :)

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