Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~Our Noah turns 5~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Happy Birthday, Noah! I will never forget when God gave us another special baby...and we thought it was neat that you were born on Kimberly's birthday. Since we didn't find out what you were, but thought that you were another girl...We were surprised and happy that God gave us a baby boy. It has been fun raising both boys and girls and seeing the neat differences in you both. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We took these pics of Noah being a "Typical Colombian man." The older men here wear this type of poncho (either wear it to keep them warm, or throw it over their shoulder in case they need it later.) They also wear this type of hat, and carry a machete on their side like he has (Noah has a fake one =). We just threw the horse in the pic for the fun of it.

~Grandpa and Grandma Dickinson sent Noah some money for his birthday. Recently he saw this little toy "motorcycle" and wanted to buy it. I asked him if he wanted to buy it with his birthday money...and he replied that he did. I said, "Let's call and ask Daddy if he thinks it is a good idea." So, I dialed Phillip on my cell phone and handed the phone to Noah. When Phillip answered Noah said in his cute little voice...something like this..."Daddy, this is Noah, and I want to buy this little motorcycle that is right behind me with my birthday money." I then told Noah to give me the phone so I could explain more to Phillip. When I got the phone Phillip said to me, "And how could a person say no to that?!" =) Noah came home with the motorcycle. =)

We love you, Noah, and we hope that you have a very special day!


Kim M. said...


The Going Blog said...

I'm lovin those rolled up blue jeans, Noah. Happy Birthday!! Now you get to use all the fingers on one hand to tell how old you are.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! You look so fine in your Columbian outfit - like the good missionary you are! I hope you have a very memorable birthday.
Aunt Nesi

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Noah.
We miss you so much. Hope you have a GREAT day.

Aunt Beth, Uncle Michael, Isaiah and Sophia

Gayle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH ! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday. We love you!
Grammy and Pastor

sankey family said...

Happy Birthday from Mexico, Noah. You look great in your Colombian stuff. Hope you have a very happy 5th birthday!

Dorcas said...

Noah is so cute especially in his Columbian attire :o) Happy Birthday & I hope it's a special day for you!!

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday, Noah. Your Aunt Vonnie and Uncle Andrew and all of your crazy cousins in Alaska would LOVE to be with you today to celebrate with you!! You are getting really big!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah and Kimberly! Wow I can't believe you guys were born on the same day! ~~~~~~
Sorry I haven't written you in a while but if you read my post it explains all that. I hope you are having a blessed day:)

separate-holy said...

What a "Dude"!
Anybody that can have both a horse and a 3 wheeler - Wow!
Love you a lot,

Anonymous said...

Noah, how special you are to us! I was there when the Doctor handed you to your Mommy and told her here is your big boy all 10 lbs and 6 1/2ozs! Your Daddy and Mommy were delighted as were we Grandparents. When Gramp dedicated you to Jesus my heart cried out that you will go on to be the 8th generation Dickinson Christian, what a heritage! I love you with 1/16th of my Gram heart! ;-) Gram Bryan

patton said...

Happy Bithday! Kimberly and Noah, there pitures are so cute!

sherryldickinson said...

Hi Noah! Happy Birthday to you!
I love you, and Grandpa Dickinson loves you. We like the motorcycle you bought for your birthday.
Here is a poem for you to learn.
"God made the little birds to sing,
And flit from tree to tree;
Tis He who sends them in the spring
To sing for you and me."
We hope you had a happy birthday!
Love, Grandma & Grandpa Dickinson in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, NOAH! We love and miss you SOOOOOO much. Bryan says you are HIS AGE NOW... Isn't it GREAT FUN to be 5 and WHOLE HAND FULL!!!! Hope you have had a special day, since it's nearly the end of your birthday now we had too busy of a day to get on line earlier... sorry. Love, Uncle Daryl,Aunt Laura and all your 4 cuzzins :)

Ronda said...

Happy Birthday to both of your darlings! ADORABLE pictures! :) Hope that you are doing well!

Scott and Libby said...

I was off my computer for one day and look what happens! BIRTHDAYS!! I can hardly believe you kidos are getting so big. Does this mean that Noah gets to do kindergarten this year?? How exciting!
Happy Birthday Noah

G.Uncle Scott, G.Aunt Libby, Jacob, Rachel and Leah

Juwah said...

Hey Heather;

Happy birthday to both of your precious children. What blessings!

I thought I'd just let you know that our boys are your faithful prayer supporters. I mentioned your family one time before prayer several months ago, ever since both boys have, of their own accord, remembered your family. In fact, we just ordered a book for children about the persecuted church in Columbia from Voice of the Martyrs. Since the boys seem so interested in your family and mission work in Columbia, I thought we'd study more about where you are and to who you are ministering. Anyway, I thought it might encourage you to know that you are thought of almost every night in Salem, IL. :) God Bless you all.

Michelle said...

Of course, he's a cutie too! :o)

lila said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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