Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~Kimberly and Noah's birthday~

Our internet hasn't been working right for days, but THANK THE LORD it just got fixed. I'm just now getting to post the birthday pics from our kid's birthday. They had a happy day.
~I made Soppy Chocolate and biscuits and bacon for Kimberly and Noah's birthday breakfast. Yummy! I made a biscuit in the shape of a "K" for Kimberly's plate and one in the shape of a "N" for Noah's.~
~Noah talking on the phone to Bro. Jimmy who called to wish him a Happy Birthday.~
~The birthday kids and their brother and sister~
~Since we had 2 birthdays (one for a boy and one for a girl) Kimberly decorated 1/2 the table with Winnie the Pooh for her, and the other 1/2 with cars for Noah.=)
~Noah's "half" of the table.~
~Elijah "eating the basketball".~ =)
~Noah wanted me to take a picture of him "eating the basketball" like Elijah was.~
~5 year old Noah~
~11 year old Kimberly~
~The kids and their birthday guests.~
~5 year old Noah with his race car cake.~
~Kimberly requested a choc. chip pie so I made her one. (I don't normally put cool whip on that pie, but since the top of the pie wasn't too "beautiful" I put some so it would look prettier. =)
~Elijah looks on while Farly eats birthday cake...I think he was hoping that she would share some with him. She did! =)
~Noah's nice gift from Jimmy and Farly~
~Jimmy, Phillip, Noah, and Karen playing at the park.~
~Shooting basket ball with Kimberly's new ball.~
~Farly, Elijah, and Heather~
~Playing Noah's new game~
~Mommy and the birthday boy~
~Mommy and the birthday girl~
~That night we ate some of the choc. chip pie that I had made for Kimberly.~
I cannot believe how time flies...our first baby is now 11. We Thank God for the privilege of having 4 precious children to raise to serve Jesus!


lila said...

That was such a nice idea to set the table for both birthdays.Kimberly is going to be creative like her mother. Glad you all are having fun. God is so good. love you tons

Sarah Cook said...

What fun it is to see all of these pictures!
I must say I LOVE the one on the side of your blog where Elijah is in the pail and his clothes are on the line! Absolutely adorable and funny! I also love the picture from an earlier post of him sleeping... he looks sooo very cuddly! Your Kimberly is going to be a BEAUTIFUL young lady. Your children are so precious!
May God continue to bless y'alls ministry!

Vonnie said...

Great pictures! Glad your internet is working now!

Scott and Libby said...

Happy Birthday to you Kimberly and Noah!! Time does fly by when you are a mommy or daddy. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked your choice of table center pieces, Kimberly. Glad for the Happy Birthday for each of you. But, remember that it is not over, watch the mail for a fat envelope from Gram and Gramp, even Sarah is getting a way late gift! I Love and miss you all soooooooo much, Gram

sherryldickinson said...

I had to laugh at Noah wanting a picture of himself eating the ball, just like his brother did. Noah is such a sweet pot of honey.
I enjoyed seeing these birthday pictures. The sweetest GRANDbabies on earth are getting old too fast!
How I enjoy my visits with all of you on your blog.
Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday LATE... though we talked to you on your special day, It was fun to see the pictures that went with it.
we love you lots... Uncle Daryl, Aunt Laura and cuzins

Tammy said...

What a sweet birthday celebration! I can identify with your feelings about how quickly the children grow up. Our firstborn will be eleven this year, too. Oh my!

Lovely blog. Lovely family :o)

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