Friday, January 2, 2009

~More pics from Christmas~

Here are some more pics from our nice Christmas day.
~The tree and gifts before we "tore into" opening them.~
~Sarah stuffed a pillow in her sweater, and wore Daddy's belt and acted like she was driving Santa's sleigh (with all her stuffed animals as the reindeer. =)~
~Elijah with one of his gifts.~
~Elijah opening up another one of his gifts. It was fun to watch him...for this was his first Christmas.~
~Him playing with a lot of his gifts. His brother and sisters had fun getting gifts for him too.~
~Phillip opening up his gift from one of the girls.~
~Noah opening his gift from Sarah.~
~The kids with their gifts from Gram and Gramp. Thanks Gram and Gramp. (Grandma and Grandpa D. sent us money!~

~The girls and I with some yummy peppermint candy that GG sent us. Since we cannot get candy canes here, we are HAPPY to have this!~~Phillip with his gift from Gram and Gramp. My gift was a skirt and a years subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. YEA!~
~The girls watching Noah open his skates.~
~We paid our friend Juan Martin to make this little bed for our Sarah. She is very happy with it!~
~Noah and Sarah out skating Christmas afternoon.~
~Phillip bought some nice white towels as a gift for our family since ours were falling apart.~
~The next day we decided to do some Charades for our devotions. Here, Phillip, Sarah, and Noah are acting out Solomon and the 2 ladies fighting over the one baby.~
~Kimberly and I acting out our Bible story. (Nabal and King Ahab and the vineyard. I'm "picking grapes" while Kimberly as Ahab looks on WANTING my vineyard. =)~


Eileen said...

Hello Heather it has been some time since I have been able to comment. I enjoyed your Christmas pictures. Thank you for sharing. I still am not online. But have access to our daughter's laptop once in awhile. I pray all is going well with you and the family. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

SUSAN said...

I am just getting to view lots of your blogs. I just don't have opportunity to sit down at Mom's and catch up. I think of you often and feel badly that I can't let you know that.
Meanwhile...I am large with child...but little or NO swelling!!!!!!! A huge blessing! This Thursday morning at 7:30 AM, our little man is scheduled to discover Georgia! I am ready and so is he or they!
My doctor felt of the baby's position this week and said the head was down. (He has been breach.) I promptly asked what "this" was...something hard and round up top that has been his head. The dr. looked amused and said, "I don't know, it's hard too!" Sooooo...come Thursday we'll see. It's been funny thinking about twins. Jeff said he's taking donations! Love ya lots...pray come Thursday!!! Susan

Beth said...

Hi, Heather,
Our family has enjoyed doing Bible charades on several occasions and I thought it was neat that you all did that too!

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